Top Web3 Tokens to Know in 2023

Discover promising Web3 tokens in the crypto landscape that may redefine the decentralised ecosystem in the coming years.

Aug 25, 2023

Top 10 Web3 Tokens To Know In 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Web3 tokens signify a new era of decentralised internet and Metaverse integration.
  • Decentralisation, security, and scalability are crucial features for Web3 tokens.
  • Users can diversify their trading portfolio by considering various Web3 tokens with promising growth prospects.
  • Web3 tokens can help traders diversify their portfolios and potentially capitalise on the growth in this new era of the internet.


Explore promising Web3 tokens that are shaping the future of a decentralised internet and the Metaverse, offering potential opportunities for traders in 2023. Below, we summarise some of the most intriguing Web3 tokens of 2023.

1. Kusama (KSM)

Kusama is a scalable blockchain network built using the Substrate framework and nearly the same codebase as Polkadot. Created as a playground for innovation, Kusama allows teams and developers to build and deploy a parachain or experience Polkadot’s governance, staking, nomination, and validation functionality. The native token, KSM, is used for paying transaction fees, participating in governance, or staking in order to become a validator.

2. Polkadot (DOT)

Polkadot is a multichain, scalable technology that enables blockchains to connect with each other and share data, forming a decentralised network. With the project’s methodical branding and positioning, a strong team backing it, and numerous partnerships in the decentralised finance (DeFi) industry, Polkadot is considered a promising token in the Web3 space.

3. Arweave (AR)

Arweave is a decentralised data storage platform that provides infinite storage capacity with no time restrictions. The project ensures data retention, allowing users to store any information, application, or history without modification. AR tokens are rewarded to users who contribute and store data on the network. With a market capitalisation of US$348 million, one AR token currently costs around US$5.

Chainlink is a decentralised oracle network that connects real-world data to smart contracts on various blockchains, enhancing their functionality and allowing for the inclusion of dynamic outputs. LINK, the native token of Chainlink, holds a significant position in the cryptocurrency market and has a strong community backing. Chainlink’s pioneering technology and launch of Chainlink Staking make for an intriguing Web3 token for 2023.

5. Filecoin (FIL)

Filecoin serves as the decentralised storage network of the Web3 ecosystem. It offers a secure alternative to centralised cloud storage while providing a source of passive rewards. By renting out storage space on their hard drives, users can earn FIL tokens. Filecoin’s growth and potential to disrupt the traditional storage landscape make it a Web3 token to watch in 2023.

6. Theta (THETA)

Theta Network is a decentralised video streaming platform that rewards users for sharing their bandwidth and computing resources. With the global trend of working from home and increasing demand for computing power, Theta has garnered significant market and user interest and is one of the fastest-growing Web3 projects to date.

7. Helium (HNT)

Helium is a decentralised wireless Internet of Things (IoT) network that enables peer-to-peer (P2P) Wi-Fi access for IoT devices. The network aims to create a ‘people-powered network’, and users can mine HNT tokens by providing network infrastructure. With its innovative approach and global Wi-Fi coverage, Helium is considered one of the promising Web3 tokens for 2023.

8. Flux (FLUX)

Flux is a decentralised cloud infrastructure offering an extensive suite of decentralised services and customisable BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) solutions. By leveraging its native token, FLUX, users can develop and deploy Web3 applications across various networks. Flux’s growing community and increasing number of decentralised apps (dapps) make it popular in the Web3 landscape.

9. Audius (AUDIO)

Audius is a decentralised, community-owned, blockchain-powered music streaming platform that has attracted renowned artists and venture capital firms. As a more open and artist-friendly alternative to traditional platforms like Spotify, Audius enables artists to freely distribute, stream, and monetise their work. With a rapidly growing user base, Audius is a promising Web3 token in 2023.

10. Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Basic Attention Token aims to revolutionise the online advertising experience, benefiting both content providers and users. BAT is an Ethereum-based token built to be used with the Brave browser, which blocks unwanted ads by default and rewards users with BAT for opting to view ads from trusted partners. By streamlining the digital marketing process and offering a better browsing experience, BAT is a top Web3 token to consider.

11. Livepeer (LPT)

Livepeer is a Web3 token designed to support decentralised video streaming. By leveraging blockchain’s decentralisation, Livepeer allows users to have greater control over their content and share it more efficiently. The project’s focus on scalability and governance, along with plans to move to Layer-2, make LPT a Web3 token with potential growth opportunities in 2023.

12. Kadena (KDA)

Kadena is designed to enhance global financial systems using cutting-edge efficiency, Proof of Work (PoW) security, and smart contract technology. The platform’s braided chains technology maintains efficiency while utilising the same resources, with the capacity to process up to 480,000 transactions per second (tps). The KDA token is used for transactions on Kadena’s blockchain and as rewards for miners.

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As the decentralised internet and Metaverse continue to evolve, Web3 tokens will play a crucial role in shaping the future of these ecosystems. By exploring the top Web3 tokens of 2023, traders can diversify their portfolios and potentially capitalise on the growth opportunities that this new era of the internet offers. 

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