April 2022 Updates

In April, reached new milestones, rolled out more features, and strengthened ties with new and current partners. 

May 03, 2022

In April, rolled out more features, reached new milestones, and strengthened ties with new and current partners. 

First, we celebrate NFT’s first anniversary with the launch of the NFT Anniversary Drop – Year 1 promo, as well as the rollout of a new ‘Top Collections’ section and support for Polygon-based NFTs.

Meanwhile, the Cronos ecosystem saw tremendous growth, highlighted by the recent milestone of reaching 700,000 unique wallet addresses. To further emphasise the growth of Cronos as an important part of building Web3, Particle B has rebranded as Cronos Labs, while maintaining its reputation as a renowned startup accelerator and ecosystem development fund.

On the product side, we debuted several major features across’s product suite, like App’s recent support of FAST (Fast and Secure Transactions) for Singapore users’ zero-fee deposits and withdrawals. We also launched Spending Power in Canada to enable Card customers to use crypto as collateral for funding their accounts. 

We kept enhancing our trading offerings on Exchange which recently launched interactive windows, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending and Dollar-, Cost Averaging (DCA) for Spot trading. DeFi Wallet also rolled out six new features, such as Nifty add-ons for NFTs, multi-tab browsing for DApps, the VVS Glitter Mine reminder, and support for multiple protocols per token, the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) channel between Cronos Chain and Cosmos Hub, and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) support via PancakeSwap

Furthermore, Price recently introduced new features such as Yield Farming and Price Walkthrough. Through these innovations, our users are now able to check out comprehensive information about the world’s top liquidity pools, further cementing as a one-stop platform for all things crypto.

In other news, we are proud to announce that is the Sports Media Brand of the Year, in light of our historic partnerships with the world’s biggest sports brands, including the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, UFC, and Formula 1®, as well as our landmark deal for the Arena in Los Angeles, among many other sports-related endeavours. We thank Cynopsis Media for this recognition.

Another source of appreciation is the new 2 million follower milestone for’s Twitter account. This is a testament to the strong growth and support that the community has shown over the years. We look forward to sharing more community milestones with everyone.

We committed a four-year gift to the Digital Currency Initiative (DCI) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Media Lab, in support of their Bitcoin security and open-source development endeavours. We also worked with UFC to create new Fight Night bonuses in Bitcoin for UFC athletes.

Here are all the highlights from the month of April:


Introducing FAST for SGD Fiat Wallets App users in Singapore can now enjoy zero-fee deposits and withdrawals using FAST (Fast and Secure Transactions). With a simple setup process, FAST gives users a quick and secure way to fund their account for crypto purchases. For a limited time, we are doubling both FAST deposit bonuses for new users and referral bonuses for all who invite their friends to the App. Learn more here.

700 Thousand Unique Wallet Addresses on Cronos

As the chain continued its upward growth momentum, it exceeded various key milestones. We’re proud to share that Cronos has surpassed 700 thousand unique wallet addresses, and multiple ecosystem projects, such as EbisusBay, MMF Finance, Tectonic, VVS Finance, and Dark Crypto, saw tremendous growth as well. Join the fast-growing ecosystem and start building today

Spending Power Is Now Available in Canada

Spending Power is now available to eligible users in Canada. Card users can now use crypto as collateral to fund their Card. Activate the Spending Power feature in the App now. Learn more here. NFT Celebrates Its First Anniversary With a Special NFT Collection

It’s been a year since we set out on this journey to create the world’s most user-friendly platform for digital collectibles with NFT. To celebrate this milestone, we presented the NFT Anniversary Drop – Year 1. Learn more here.

2M Followers on Twitter

We now have 2 million followers on Twitter! A big thank you to the community—let’s keep accelerating the world’s transition to cryptocurrency together. Be sure to follow us if you haven’t done so already.

Introducing Cronos Labs

We are pleased to announce that the Cronos Web3 startup accelerator and ecosystem development fund, formerly known as “Particle B”, will now be operating under the brand “Cronos Labs”. Learn more here. Recognised as Sports Media Brand of the Year

We’re thrilled to share that we’re recognised as this year’s Sports Media Brand of the Year by Cynopsis Media. Team secured a dozen historical partnerships throughout the year, including Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One team, UFC, Formula 1®, French soccer club Paris Saint-Germain, the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers, NHL’s Montreal Canadiens, esports team Fnatic, Italian soccer league Lega Serie A, Angel City Football Club of the National Women’s Soccer League, Twitch Rivals, FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, and more. This reward is the best testament to all the hard work of our team and our world-class partners. Supports MIT Digital Currency Initiative is proud to announce that we have committed a four-year gift to the Digital Currency Initiative (DCI) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Media Lab. The gift aims to support DCI’s research in the security of Bitcoin and to support open-source development of protocols that underlie the network. Learn more here.

UFC® and Team Up to Create New Fight Night Bonus for UFC Athletes Fighters

We’re thrilled to announce the creation of new Fight Night bonuses for UFC athletes that will be paid in bitcoin (BTC). The new Fan Bonus of the Night will feature three bitcoin bonuses that will be awarded to the top three fighters appearing on each UFC Pay-Per-View as decided by fans voting from all over the world. More details here. App Updates: App Lists 12 New Tokens

ALI, ASTR, WEMIX, CHESS, AURORA, ANC, VOXEL, MMF, MULTI, RARE, FITFI, and SPS have joined the growing list of 250+ cryptocurrencies and stablecoins that are available in the App. Buy crypto at true cost now.

New Deposit and Withdrawal Tokens

ALI, GLMR, ACA, and SPS deposits and withdrawals are now supported in the App. Pay Updates: Pay x Unstoppable Domains Sale 

The Pay x Unstoppable Domains Sale was extended due to popular demand. Users can customise their desired unique domains or choose from thousands of available domains during the sale. Rare domains with high keepsake and resale values will also be for sale. Learn more here. Tax Updates: Launches Tax Services in Finland and Austria

Following the launch of Tax for Norway and Denmark last month, we are excited to share that this service is now available to users in Finland and Austria. Generate your crypto tax report in seconds and enjoy a hassle-free tax filing experience. Try generating your tax report now. Price Update: Price Introduces New Features

We added the Yield Farming and Price Walkthrough features on Price. Users can now check out the top liquidity pools based on the Total Value Locked (TVL), Annual Percentage Yield (APY), and Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Users can also explore the crypto world’s top assets and read the latest news. Stay up to date with crypto and NFTs at Price now. DeFi Wallet Updates: DeFi Wallet Introduces New Features

We’ve got six new features on DeFi Wallet, including Nifty add-ons for NFTs, multi-tab browsing for DApps, several protocols per token, supporting the IBC channel between Cronos Chain and Cosmos Hub, the VVS Glitter Mine reminder, and the BSC Support via Pancakeswap. Try it now. DeFi Wallet Adds 27 New ERC20 Tokens

MCC, BOSON, IRIS, GMT, ERN, PHA, LTO, ALI, TEDDY, STG, COW, ELT, KOK, CBG, TLOS, SWFTC, BIT, MULTI, PSP, MPL, GFI, PREMIA, APW, BICO, XFT, GOG, and NFTL have joined the growing list of 500+ DeFi tokens that are available in the DeFi Wallet. Deposit now. DeFi Wallet Adds 18 New BEP20 Tokens

MCC, GMT, AURY, LTO, ELMON, XCV, BRG, NAV, vUSDC, STRX, FROYO, APX, ERA, LAZIO, TINC, BFG, PORTO, and AOG have joined the growing list of 500+ DeFi tokens that are available in the DeFi Wallet. Deposit now. DeFi Wallet Adds 17 New Cronos Tokens

xVVS, APE, ALI, DOT, MATIC, PRQ, AURORA, SOL, AVAX, FTM, AKT, NESS, MIMAS, METF, CRN, SVN, and CGS have joined the growing list of 500+ DeFi tokens that are available in the DeFi Wallet. Deposit now. DeFi Wallet Adds 7 New Polygon Tokens

KNIGHT, USDC, USDT, KEK, ALPHA, FOMO, and FUD have joined the growing list of 500+ DeFi tokens that are available in the DeFi Wallet. Deposit now. Exchange Updates: Exchange Introduces Interactive Windows

We are pleased to announce that the Exchange now features interactive windows for the Spot and Margin trading panels. This enhancement enables traders to flexibly move and resize any window on the trading panel to their preferred size and position. Learn more here. Exchange Launches Peer-to-Peer Lending

We’re excited to announce the launch of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending in the Exchange. Users can now earn interest by lending their crypto assets directly to creditworthy borrowers on their terms. Borrowers can secure a crypto loan backed by their crypto collateral, with flexible repayments and attractive market rates. Learn more here.

Beat Market Volatility With Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) on the Exchange Exchange now features Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) for Spot trading. This enhancement enables traders to hedge market risk by automatically investing a set amount on a regular schedule, reducing the anxiety and stress in a volatile market. The DCA Trading Bot is currently available on both desktop web and mobile versions of the Exchange. Learn more here.

ALI Listed on Supercharger

ALI is listed on Supercharger with a US$500,000 allocation. Participants can receive their ALI rewards during the Distribution Period. Sign up to the App or Exchange to participate now.

New Perpetual Contracts Are Now Available in the Exchange

The KNCUSD, ZRXUSD, ARPAUSD, DGBUSD, COTIUSD, MASKUSD, FXSUSD, PAXGUSD, GLMRUSD, ANCUSD, REEFUSD and GMTUSD Perpetual Contracts are now available in the Exchange. Traders can use USDT, USDC, and DAI as collateral, access leverage of up to 100x, and enjoy discounted trading fees based on the amount of CRO they stake in the Exchange. 

New Leveraged Pairs Added to Margin Trading on the Exchange

Margin Trading now supports new leveraged pairs, namely WAVES/BTC, FLOW/BTC, EFI/BTC, TONIC/USDC, AAVE/USDC, WAVES/USDT, IMX/USDT, FIL/BTC, ENJ/BTC, JASMY/BTC, ZIL/BTC, APE/BTC, IMX/BTC, ACA/USDT, MC/USDT, 1INCH/BTC, AAVE/BTC, ALICE/BTC, KNC/BTC. ​Margin Trading allows users to amplify their profits through borrowed funds during both up and down market movements, and access up to 10x leverage for supported trading pairs. 

New Listings on the Exchange

We listed HIGH, AURORA, AKT, PRQ, CRPT, MDT, GLMR, MULTI, ACA, MC, FITFI, VOXEL, and KRL on the Exchange. Trade them now.

New Deposit and Withdrawal Tokens

ALI, MATIC, AKT, and FTM deposits and withdrawals are now supported in the Exchange. Trade them now. Exchange List 20+ New Tokens for Institutional Investors in the U.S.

We are pleased to announce that over 20 top tokens are now available for Exchange users in the U.S. The supported tokens are AAVE, ALGO, AVAX, AXS, BCH, ADA, LINK, ATOM, CRV, MANA, DOGE, EOS, ICP, LTC, DOT, MATIC, SHIB, SOL, LUNA, XTZ, and YFI. Join the waitlist here. NFT Updates: NFT Supports Polygon-Based NFTs NFT now supports NFTs minted and hosted on the Polygon blockchain. With this update, NFT users gain access to an even wider selection of digital collectibles, including NFTs from DeRace. Learn more here.

Crypto․com NFT Introduces New Feature

With the new ‘Top Collections’ section on the NFT homepage, it is now easier than ever to stay up-to-date on the most popular drops. View key metrics such as floor price, trade volume, and more at a glance. Check out the latest drops on NFT Drops in April

Here are the NFT drops from April:

  • Own Every Word: Trinity Pack Drop” – Own Every Word
  • App x NFT Celebration Drop” –
  • The Space In-Between” – Rank SSS
  • PHAZES” – Palash
  • Ballies” – Keivo
  • Cosmic Creatures” – Oscar Llorens
  • NFT Anniversary Drop – Year 1” –
  • UFC 273” – UFC
  • 76ers Legacy 13: Blocked Out” – Philadelphia 76ers
  • The Hidden Numbers” – Enisaurus
  • SPACEBARS” – ShiGGa Shay
  • Remember the Name” – Carlos Brathwaite
  • Mad Hare Society” – DaRealGenius
  • Miami Minted” – Miami International Autodrome
  • On The Move” – Hass Design
  • Visceral” – Graffiti On Grave
  • BeatHeadz” – BeatHeadz
  • The TRIP : Origin” – The TRIP
  • Retro Futures” – Visualdon
  • Bull Run Crew” – Enchanted Future

Don’t miss out. Check out the latest drops on Capital Updates: Capital Fundraising Capital is proud to participate in funding rounds for Boba Network, Elumia, and Bastion to support their journey.

Community Updates: Presented the Enterprise Stage at Bitcoin 2022

We’re proud to be part of Bitcoin 2022, the world’s largest Bitcoin gathering from 6 to 9 April in Miami. More details here. Attends Paris Blockchain Week Summit and Seedly Personal Finance Festival

Our COO, Eric Anziani, joined the Paris Blockchain Week Summit and Seedly Personal Finance Festival to discuss the topics on the adoption of crypto and future of money. Appoints New Senior Leaders

We’re thrilled to welcome Duncan DeVille as EVP Compliance Americas, and Global Head of Financial Crimes Compliance (FCC); Dipen Mehta as EVP, Engineering, South & South East Asia.

AMA with Arif Khan

We hosted a live AMA with Arif Khan, CEO of Alethea, on 11 April to discuss and answer viewers’ questions about the project. Missed it? Watch it here. Telegram Price Bot Is Integrated With Two Token Telegram Group Chats Telegram Price Bot was integrated with two token Telegram Group Chats, enabling users to get the latest token price information. Is Accredited and Featured on Three Protocols’ Official Websites was accredited and featured on the official websites of three protocols, namely Smart MFG, Nuls, and Revolve Games. Price Widgets Are Integrated With 20 Token Websites Price Widgets were integrated with 20 token websites to expand their reach.

11 Tokens’ RSS News Feeds Successfully Integrated With Price Price was successfully integrated with the news feeds of 11 tokens, enabling users to gain first-hand updates from these projects.

Events of the Month:

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Ticket Giveaway Pay is celebrating the partnership with FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. We’re giving out tickets to a group stage match during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. Campaign details here Unveils Limited-edition Quicksilver Hardware Crypto Wallet

We teamed up with BC Vault to launch a limited-edition Quicksilver Hardware Crypto Wallet. The sleek and metallic BC Vault Quicksilver wallet protects your crypto assets and allows you to create more than 2,000 independent wallets in one device. Campaign details here.

Easter Sale 2022: 2x Gift Card Savings

We celebrated this Easter season with Easter Gift Card Sale which allowed users to earn 2x Pay Rewards when they stock up on Gaming, Fashion, Retail, and Gas & Diesel Gift Cards in the App. Campaign details here.

UFC 274 Ticket Giveaway

We are giving three pairs of tickets to three lucky draw winners for the UFC 274 event. Campaign details here.

MMF Listed on Supercharger

MMF is listed on Supercharger with a US$ 500,000 allocation. Participants can receive their MMF rewards during the Distribution Period. Event details here. Supports Two Mainnet Upgrades supported network upgrades for ATOM and AKT in April. 




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