A Comprehensive View of the ‘Loaded Lions’ NFT Collection Utilities

Thank you for your support, Mane Netizens. Stay tuned for even more!

Mar 11, 2024

Amidst the ever-evolving and fast paced NFT landscape, our commitment to the Mane Netizens stands firm. As Crypto.com’s flagship NFT collection, the ‘Loaded Lions’ has always been and continues to be a top priority for us.

We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to every Mane Netizen for your unwavering support since the start of this journey.

For a comprehensive overview of both past and current ‘Loaded Lions’ utilities, keep on reading! 


Rewards+ is a Crypto.com App loyalty programme that provides you with a world of benefits based on your trading activity. All ‘Loaded Lions’ holders can skip a Rewards+ level, receiving an exclusive upgrade to the following tier. Get a headstart on your Rewards+ journey with greater Earn Plus bonuses, extra Crypto.com Visa Card rewards, referral reward boosters of up to US$200, and special trading fee rebates!

Loaded Lions: Mane City 

This immersive tycoon simulator Web3 game was inspired by the fabulous Loaded Lions. To date, it has accumulated over 17,000 players. ‘Loaded Lions’ NFTs grant players a powerful advantage in the game, including permanent bonuses to the Gold, Diamonds, and EXP points they earn. These benefits will significantly enhance your progress in Loaded Lions: Mane City and leaderboard rankings in the competitive events.

Giveaways Worth Over US$300,000 

Our Mane Netizens deserve only the very best and most rewarding experiences. From VIP Luxury Suite Crypto.com Arena tickets and F1 Paddock Club Hospitality tickets to the slick and comfy Loaded Lions hoodies and customised Loaded Lions BC Vault Wallets, we’ve spared no expense in giving back to our community. These giveaways have amounted to over US$300,000, and you can expect more in due time.

Airdrops and Exclusive NFT Collections

We’ve specially designed four exclusive NFT collections inspired by the Loaded Lions and airdropped them to every Mane Netizen. From the adorable and witty ‘Cyber Cubs’ to the 2022 FIFA World Cup-inspired ‘Match Ready Lions’, the community has been incredibly receptive and you can look forward to more unique collections in the future.

In our upcoming ‘Crypto.com Tactical Gear’ collection, ‘Loaded Lions’ NFT holders will also be receiving one ‘Core’ armour and weapon NFT for each Lion you hold! And for every ‘Loaded Lions’ and ‘Cyber Cubs’ pair you have, you’ll receive another ‘Core’ armour collectible.


We’re continuously finding ways to enhance the shopping and minting experience for Mane Netizens. Every sale organised by the Loaded Lions Team has boasted generous discounts, including up to 45% off the ‘Dark Lions’ NFT drop, up to 37% off the Crypto.com Land – The First Frontier NFT drop, our BC Vault partnership which offered Mane Netizens a 19% discount,  an additional 20% back in CRO when you checkout with Crypto.com Pay, and a 20% storewide discount in the Crypto.com Shop as a Christmas special!

Customised Content 

Nothing makes us happier than seeing the community enjoy and actively participate in customised engagements and campaigns. These have garnered over 80,000 entries across all campaigns. Some of our favourites are the Tokenframe Giveaway Spot the Lions game and the multi-faceted Orbs Cipher campaign.

Which one is your top pick? 

Crypto.com App Perks and More

Beyond the NFT space, we want to ensure that all Mane Netizens receive extra privileges and advantages that enhance their overall experience within the Crypto.com ecosystem. Some of these additional benefits include Supercharger Rewards, Exclusive Staking Rewards, access to the Crypto.com VIP Newsletter and Research Portal, and allowlists and giveaways to other NFT projects.

Thank you for being a part of the Loaded Lions, and we look forward to bringing you more exciting benefits in the future.

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