Get Rewarded With a Loaded Lion Hoodie and a Cyber Cubs Booster

Receive an exclusive hoodie, socks, stickers, and more

Aug 29, 2022

Dear Mane Netizens, we hope that all pridemates are staying warm this winter. A Loaded Lion hoodie has been reserved for each and every Mane Netizen to help them get through this chilly season. Don’t miss out on snagging one of these exclusive hoodies! 

Cyber Cubs and Pride Whales Booster 

On top of the Loaded Lion hoodies, Mane Netizens will also receive a pair of socks and stickers if their Loaded Lion has a Cyber Cub companion. Furthermore, Mane Netizens with five or more pairs of “Loaded Lion” and “Cyber Cub” NFTs will be eligible to get a cap and drawstring bag.

Image 32

Collectors can claim one hoodie for each “Loaded Lion” NFT that they own. While a Cyber Cub Booster depends on how many pairs of Loaded Lions and Cyber Cubs a collector has.

For example, if a collector owns five “Loaded Lion” NFTs and three “Cyber Cub” NFTs, they are eligible to receive five hoodies and three Cyber Cub Booster sets but not a Pride Whale set. If a collector owns five “Loaded Lion” NFTs and five “Cyber Cub” NFTs, they will be eligible to receive one Pride Whales set. 

However, if collectors only have one “Cyber Cub” NFT without a “Loaded Lion” NFT, they will not be eligible to receive any of the items listed above.

Snapshot time: 12 September 2022, 00:00 UTC

More details on the redemption process, delivery details, and when Mane Netizens can expect their hoodies to arrive will be shared soon. In the meantime, Mane Netizens will need to ensure that their “Loaded Lions” NFT(s) and/or “Cyber Cubs” NFT(s) are in their NFT account by 12 September 2022, 00:00 UTC if they want a Loaded Lion hoodie or exclusive merchandise. Mane Netizen who miss this snapshot date will still be eligible to receive a hoodie afterwards, however delivery cost of the hoodies and Cyber Cubs booster will not be included in subsequent batches.

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