Check Out the ‘Dark Lions’ NFT Collection Utilities and Mint Details

These ferocious felines were born to battle, and will play a pivotal role in Mane City’s fate

Nov 30, 2023

After emerging from the mysterious metal orbs, the Dark Lions have descended upon Mane City in full strength. This collection comprises 10,000 unique algorithmically-generated ‘Dark Lions’ NFTs with an exclusive set of benefits. For more details on their utilities and mint details, continue reading on.

Benefits and Utilities 

When it comes to utilities, the Dark Lions are second only to the Loaded Lions. These apex predators have the brains and advanced technology of the Cyber Cubs, along with a killer instinct and burning desire to destroy anything that stands in their way.

Beyond Loaded Lions: Mane City, ‘Dark Lions’ NFT holders also enjoy selected ‘Loaded Lions’ and ecosystem benefits. These include special privileges for chosen airdrops and access to exclusive partnership giveaways. The ‘Dark Lions’ collection was designed with a strong focus on gaming, boasting the potential to unlock additional opportunities in the future.

Cross over to the dark side with the Dark Lions, and challenge the reign of the Loaded Lions in the battleground that is Mane City. These Lions were born to battle, and they will play a pivotal role in Mane City’s fate.

What will the destiny of this thriving metropolis be?

Mint Details 

We’re one step closer to the highly anticipated launch of the ‘Dark Lions’ NFT collection. There will be three mint phases — Phase 1: Feline Face-Off, Phase 2: Allies Assemble, and Phase 3: A Global Showdown. All the information you’ll need for the ‘Dark Lions’ sales phases can be found below.

Dark Lions – Phase 1: Feline Face-Off 

This phase is available for holders of ‘Loaded Lions’ NFTs only, and will remain open for 18 hours. Not only will Mane Netizens enjoy a special 45% discount for each ‘Dark Lions’ NFT, a whopping 5,000 packs are also reserved just for this sales phase. This is one feline face-off you won’t want to miss.


Access Snapshot: 12 Dec 2023, 07:00 UTC

Feline Face-Off Sale: 12 Dec 2023, 13:00 UTC ー 13 Dec 2023, 07:00 UTC (18 hours)

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Dark Lions – Phase 2: Allies Assemble

For phase two, we’re gearing up our expeditioners and allies to be ready for this battle of a lifetime. At least 4,470 packs will be available for this phase. It will be open to all holders of any ‘Cyber Cubs’ NFT, any ‘ Land: The First Frontier’ NFT, a set of ‘ Expedition Gear’ NFTs (i.e., one ‘backpack’ NFT of any tier, two of the following ‘Core Tool’ NFTs: Flashlight and Hydro Flask, and four ‘Elite Tool’ NFTs of the same element: Knife, Lantern, Med Pack, Binoculars), and our esteemed allies from various communities. Users joining this sales phase will be receiving a 22% discount, while ‘Loaded Lions’ holders enjoy a special 33% discount. 

Access Snapshot: 13 Dec 2023, 07:00 UTC

Allies Assemble Sale: 13 Dec 2023, 13:00 UTC ー 14 Dec 2023, 07:00 UTC (18 hours)


1 Only ‘Loaded Lions’ holders (Access Snapshot: 12 Dec 2023, 07:00 UTC) who did not make any purchase during Phase 1: Feline Face-Off

2 This group includes holders of:

  • ‘Cyber Cubs’ NFTs 
  • ‘ Land: The First Frontier’ NFTs
  • ‘ Expedition Gear’ NFTs. I.e., one ‘backpack’ NFT of any tier, one each of the following ‘Core Tool’ NFTs: Flashlight and Hydro Flask, and one each of the following ‘Elite Tool’ NFTs of the same element: Knife, Lantern, Med Pack, Binoculars
  • Allowlist winners from other communities
  • Note: those listed above who were eligible for Phase 1 are excluded from this group

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Dark Lions – Phase 3: A Global Showdown

Finally, phase three will be the ultimate showdown. This sales phase will be open to all NFT users, with at least 500 packs made available. Only the fastest and the bravest will prevail in this war. Are you ready for battle?

A Global Showdown Sale: 14 Dec 2023, 13:00 UTC ー 24 Dec 2023, 13:00 UTC (10 days)

Image 1

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Important Notes:

  • For access to Phase 1 and Phase 2, the relevant NFTs should be in your NFT account by the respective Access Snapshot time.
  • For Phase 1, 2 and 3 there will be a maximum number of five packs, three packs, and one pack per checkout respectively. If you would like to purchase more packs, you will need to rejoin the queue
  • Please note that all purchased collectibles will initially not be able to be listed or withdrawn. Trading will begin shortly after the public sale concludes.
  • The ‘Mysterious Metal Orb’ NFTs will be gradually “revealed” around the morning of 5 January 2024 UTC. Please note that existing listings at the time of the “reveal” will not be cancelled prior to the commencement of the “reveal” process.
  • Rebates (if any) will be credited to purchasing NFT accounts within 10 business days after all sales phases of the drop end.
  • Phase 3 rebate eligibility will be determined by a random snapshot taken during Phase 3. The relevant NFTs should be in your NFT account at the snapshot time.

A queue system will be used for each sales phase. Learn more about the queue system here.

You now have everything you need to snag a coveted ‘Dark Lions’ NFT! Save the dates, purchase a ‘Loaded Lion’ (or two), and steel yourself for the upcoming sale.

Visit the official website or sign up to NFT for all the latest updates on all things Dark Lions. 

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