Join The Orbs Cipher and Decode a Hidden Message With the Loaded Lions

Five lucky users who accurately decode the message will score a special airdrop

Nov 02, 2023
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Mane Netizens, Mane City Tycoons, and everyone in between, it seems like something strange has landed in Mane City! It started with the Loaded Lions Spaces power outage and the Mane City Games Room blackout. Then, mysterious orbs inscribed with unique symbols appeared everywhere. We have a feeling that these are only the first signs of impending doom. We need your help to figure out what these inscriptions are saying, and solve the mystery of this sudden appearance.

What is Loaded Lions: Mane City?

Loaded Lions: Mane City is an innovative Web3 game that combines engaging gameplay with blockchain technology to create an immersive and interactive gaming experience. In this captivating virtual world, you can build your dream city from the ground up, furnish your very own virtual mansion, and compete against other players for fantastic rewards. For more details, please visit the Mane City Playbook.

The Orbs Cipher 

There are five orbs inscribed with unique symbols containing different messages scattered throughout Loaded Lions: Mane City and various products 一 the App, DeFi wallet, Wallet Extension, and Snapshot newsletter. Don’t leave any stone unturned, you’ll never know where an orb could be hiding.

These five orbs, when deciphered, will form a clear message. Five lucky winners who meet the participation criteria below and accurately present us with the correct message will receive an airdrop of a special prize. We won’t reveal what the prize is for now, but you’ll know soon enough. Trust us, this is something you’ll definitely want to hold onto. This campaign is open to anyone*. There will be no prerequisites of holding certain NFTs or cryptocurrencies as we’ll need all the help we can get.

*Jurisdiction giveaway guidelines apply. Please refer to the T&Cs for the full list of eligible jurisdictions for this giveaway.

Registration Period: 7 November 2023, 13:00 UTC – 16 November 2023, 13:00 UTC

How to participate: 

  1. Quote or repost our campaign post on X (formerly known as Twitter) 
  2. Follow @cryptocom and @LoadedLions_CDC on X; and
  3. Register for the campaign and submit your deciphered message via the Google Form here.

This might seem like a daunting task, but fret not. This is where the ‘Elite Tool’ NFTs from the ‘ Expedition Gear: Tools of the Trade’ collection come in handy. Stay tuned for more details soon. Till then, keep your eyes peeled for Orbs to appear.

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  • Rewards are limited.
  • Participation in the Orbs Cipher is strictly optional.
  • Please refer to the Official Rules for Giveaways, which also apply to this Orbs Cipher campaign.
  • Winners will be notified via email within 5 days after the campaign ends.
  • A special prize will be airdropped to the winners at’s sole discretion.
  • is not responsible for paying any additional fees associated with the redemption or usage of the Rewards
  • By participating in the campaign, you acknowledge having read the Global Marketing Privacy Notice, which is published at and understand  that we will use the information provided for the purposes of assessing your eligibility to participate in the campaign, identity verification, prize draw and prize redemption.
  • reserves the right to cancel the campaign or amend the campaign mechanics or rules at any time at our sole discretion without prior notice to you.
  • In the event of any dispute, reserves the right to make all final decisions regarding the Limited Offer.

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