Embark on the Orbs Expedition and Solve the Orbs Cipher

Score a vital clue by collecting five types of ‘Elite Tool’ NFTs within the same element and 1 backpack NFT

Nov 09, 2023

We’ve only just launched the Orbs Cipher campaign and some of you have already managed to decipher the inscriptions on the metal orbs! You’ve even managed to beat the highly intelligent Cyber Cubs who’re still stumped by it. 

Desperate to solve the Orbs Cipher as soon as possible, the Loaded Lions and Cyber Cubs have decided it’s high time they took matters into their own paws. They’ll be conducting their very own expedition to study these orbs and attempt to unravel their secrets. Anyone who needs some help on the Orbs Cipher is welcome to join the Orbs Expedition, however you’ll need only the best tools to help you out. 

Orbs Expedition

All Crypto.com NFT users with five types of any ‘Elite Tools’ within the same element and at least 1 backpack NFT will receive an exclusive hint to cracking the orbs’s code. This vital clue will definitely aid you greatly in unlocking the secrets to the Orbs Cipher.

Snapshot: 13 November 2023, 13:00 UTC

A snapshot will be taken on 13 November 2023, 13:00 UTC. Users who meet the criteria detailed above will receive an email containing the secrets to the Cipher on 15 November, 13:00 UTC. Be sure to have all five types of ‘Elite Tool’ NFTs within the same element and at least 1 backpack NFT in your Crypto.com NFT account by the snapshot’s date and time in order to be eligible to receive the email.

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  • Rewards are limited.
  • Participation in the Orbs Expedition is strictly optional.
  • Please refer to the Official Rules for Giveaways, which also apply to this Orbs Expedition campaign.
  • Winners will be notified via email within 2 days after the campaign ends.
  • The secret hint will be emailed to users who collect five types of Elite Tools NFTs within the same element by 13 November 2023, 13:00 UTC. 
  • Crypto.com is not responsible for paying any additional fees associated with the redemption or usage of the Rewards
  • Users must ensure that their “Elite Tools” NFT(s) and “Backpack” NFTs are in their Crypto.com NFT account by 13 November 2023, 13:00 UTC  to be eligible for receiving the email. 
  • By participating in the campaign, you acknowledge having read the Crypto.com Global Marketing Privacy Notice, which is published at  https://crypto.com/privacy/marketing and understand  that we will use the information provided for the purposes of assessing your eligibility to participate in the campaign, identity verification and prize redemption.
  • Crypto.com reserves the right to cancel the campaign or amend the campaign mechanics or rules at any time at our sole discretion without prior notice to you.
  • In the event of any dispute, Crypto.com reserves the right to make all final decisions regarding the Limited Offer.

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