Automatically Stake Your Purchased Tokens With the DCA Bot’s New Auto-Stake Feature

Wide range of on-chain Staking tokens available to eligible users

Apr 25, 2024
Auto Stake Dca Bot Contetn Hub

We’re excited to announce that Auto-Stake, a new enhancement to the DCA Bot, is now available to eligible users in the web version of the Exchange! 

When you enable Auto-Stake in your DCA Bot, your tokens will be automatically staked on-chain each time it makes a purchase. This allows you to start earning rewards immediately without having to go through additional steps.

Auto-Stake is a feature exclusive to the Exchange, and is not available anywhere else! Currently, the supported list of Auto-Stake tokens comprise the following on-chain Staking tokens in the Exchange:

Note: Only users who are eligible for on-chain Staking can enable Auto-Stake.

Ready to get started with Auto-Stake for your DCA Bot?

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Sign in or sign up to the Exchange
  2. Navigate to Trading Bots and select ‘DCA Bot’
  3. Select a token which you can stake on-chain in the Exchange (as listed above)
  4. Input the order frequency, duration, order amount, and allocation for your desired token.
  5. Click on the ‘Auto-Stake’ toggle to turn it on
  6. Click ‘Proceed’ to review and confirm the order details for your DCA Bot
  7. Click ‘Confirm’ to launch your newly-created DCA Bot

Enable Auto-Stake For Your DCA Bot

Alternatively, users can navigate to any of the following pages in the Exchange to create a DCA Bot and enable Auto-Stake:

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*Your staked virtual assets will start earning rewards after the activation time and post-processing with the network validator. You will stop receiving any rewards during the unbonding period imposed by the protocol if you choose to unstake your assets.

**May not be available to users from certain jurisdictions.

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