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The Visitors

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The Visitors's average price is 0.04125 ETH (7D) with a sales volume of 0.2475 ETH (7D). The Visitors is 57.16% for the last 7 days. The latest floor price of The Visitors is 0.0437 ETH with a total volume of 497.9.
The Visitors by [Mike Mitchell]( In 2021, aliens made first contact with humans. Their goal was to conquer. Fortunately, they first connected to the internet and instantaneously became too dumb to take over anything. Stranded a million light years away from their home, The Visitors survive on a diet of pop culture garbage from the dumpster of humanity. They are now cursed to share cat GIFs and memes with each other until the end of time. With an initial minting of 10,001, The Visitors is a deflationary collection that decreases over time as new recycling events occur. There are currently 9,001 Visitors on the Polygon Network. Each Visitor is eligible for future airdrops, can be used in The Recycler, and has exclusive access. Please check out our other collection, [Cryptoburbs](

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