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Pampered Pandas

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About Pampered Pandas

The Pampered Pandas is a NFT collection of 8888 unique and fuzzy randomly generated Pandas living on the Cronos chain! The Pampered Pandas come in several colours and with their own distinctive style and personality! With 6 attributes and over 150+ traits you are guaranteed a unique Pampered Panda. This means you can mint a wide range of variety, from a rough Sailor Panda crossing the seven seas to a prestigious King Panda ruling over the bamboo forest.

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UTC 22/03/2022, 07:00:00PM


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Q1 2022 • Rigorous multi-channel social media campaigns (Twitter, Youtube, Telegram, Discord, Instagram and Reddit) • Pre-listing • Cross-chain partnership projects Q2 • Integration staking on Crodex • Development Pampered Panda DAO • Donation to World Wildlife Fund Q3 • Merchandise package giveaways • Integration of The Bamboo Club • Integration Pampered Panda DAO Q4 • Pampered Pandas Meta-Verse Game release (Side scrolling competitive brawler • Digital and real life events

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