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About Cafrodytes

Cafrodytes are a race of technologically, biologically & spiritually advanced alien beings who can change their form and exist in multiple dimensions.The Cafroverse lies on top of our own Universe and the only way for them to communicate with us is by vibing at our frequency through our computer screens & in the Metaverse.

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UTC 25/08/2022, 08:00:00PM


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0% 100 Cafrodytes giveaway to random discord members Pre-sale at 0.07 ETH 25% Launch of Cafro: Buyers can start staking Buyers can start swapping Cafrodytes 50% 100 Cafrodytes reserved for airdrop Game launch Reveal tokenomics & benefits for OG buyers 75% Donation to the Ocean Cleanup & The Rainforest Foundation Cafrodytes care about the climate crisis on planet Earth 100% A community wallet (DAO)

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