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Raw Society

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Second drop made by Thed Holes with his Haute Cyber Couture collection. Elegance, rave culture and charm are reflected in the clothes, environment and muses. The main goal is to represent a part of society as a building, where each member lives in their own bubble with their own dreams, ambitions and dramas, without even knowing the existence of the neighbor. Muses will guide us in this blockchain dream made with unique dresses through the metaverse, thanks also to the illusion of the textile; the main core of digital fashion. We see the elegance of the haute couture combined with digital reality with unique patterns repeated and generated thousands of times. The Raw Society is Elegant, futuristic and aggressive at the same time. Our main Muse is real and takes the name of @Mica_exist. Audio empowers the catwalks with some distorted armonia done by Smash Stereo.

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