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Altered States

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This is a journey through altered states. The elevated, special states. The corners of your mind that you don't usually get to. The ones you can't reach...or can you? In this collection, I would like to take my collectors on a journey through places that don't exist. Through unconnected dreams, seemingly absurd thoughts and daydreams that in the end, all make sense. They are dots to be connected to draw a blueprint of your mind. In this fourth drop on I want to reward the collectors who have helped me so far. All those who buy an edition of each piece of this drop will be given an extra piece that will complete the 11 altered states. Collectors who have 12 or more pieces of all my drops will be rewarded with an exclusive NFT as a token of appreciation. I would like to invite you to the exclusive channel on my Discord. If you hold any of my pieces, I will assign you the collector role and you will have access to exclusive content.

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