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Extranet Metaverse

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"Extranet Metaverse" is the first collaboration between the British visual artist Dreamfibre and the Italian electronic musician Neontenic. We are in 2087, inside the office of the Extranet Corporation, the only official provider of the new network that connects every human being to a Metaverse with a microscopic graft, NeuroGraft™. Sales are skyrocketing, but there is a dangerous detail that is worrying the President, Dr. Sirko… The company is oblivious to the fact that an incredible potential disaster is just around the corner. Everyone in the lobby is working tirelessly to handle the constant requests for sales and service contacts. And even in the company's autobar, no one appears ready for what's about to happen… “Metaverse Hackernaut” consists of three unique visual works + music set inspired by Blade Runner and Cyberpunk 2077. They'll be part of an upcoming concept album by Neontenic (2022).

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