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The World

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* Monthly Airdrops (Generative Arts) are eligible for all holders of THE WORLD * It's the year 2182 and the business world is run by AI Robot Helpers who've been programmed by their respective owners. Just a month ago the World Asset Analytics Oracle (WAAO) predicted the upcoming rise in value for 6-13th century oriental landscape paintings. Naturally, people rushed to the marketplace to trade oriental landscape data which would later be fed to Helpers to make the paintings. The 5,000-piece production level of one specific helper - called Klaxon V12.1 - was so exceptional that its owner Ross Northridge was accused of buying the DNA of 7-12th century oriental landscape painters and colluding with a shady biotech company to resurrect and imprison actual painters in the name of production. The World AI - Your Access To Monthly Cutting-Edge AI Masterpieces.

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