NFT Sales Volume Index (7D)

What Is NFT Sales Volume Index (7D)?

The NFT Sales Volume Index (7D) is calculated to select the top 25 non-fungible token (NFT) collections by multiplying the number of editions sold by the price of an item over a previous seven-day period.

This metric is a data point on the Price page. It allows traders to gauge the level of interest in an NFT, as a high volume index may indicate strong interest in the project.

The NFT Sales Volume Index (7D) and similar data — like Rank, Sales (7D), Floor Price, and Average Price (7D) — all come together to provide valuable information to potential traders. These metrics are advisable when looking at a potential NFT purchase, as they paint a fuller picture of its current/past value and popularity.

Key Takeaway

The NFT Sales Volume Index (7D) shows the price and number of editions of a non-fungible token (NFT) collection sold over a 7-day (7D) period.

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