Floor Price

What Is Floor Price?

Not to be confused with ‘Average Price’, the Floor Price is the current listing of the lowest price of a non-fungible token (NFT) in a collection. For example, if an NFT collection owner sets the price for one NFT at two ETH, then the Floor Price is two ETH.

How to Use Floor Price

Floor Price is a key metric frequently used in the NFT space. Many large marketplaces present the Floor Price along with other key data. On the Crypto.com NFT Marketplace, the Floor Price is at the top of the page.

Floor Price helps users gauge how much it typically costs to purchase an NFT in a collection. The popularity of a project may influence Floor Price, as more interest tends to drive up the value of a collection.

Key Takeaway

Floor Price is equal to the lowest-priced NFT in a collection.

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