Sales (7D)

What Is Sales (7D)?

Sales (7D) is commonly used on the Price page in the NFT section. It shows various data on an NFT collection over a seven-day period and is a great way for traders to gain more information about a particular collection.

For example, comparing two NFT collections (A and B), where one (A) has a Sales (7D) of two and the other (B) has a Sales (7D) of seven, the data shows that A has only sold two NFTs over the previous seven-day period, while B sold seven. From this, one can deduce that collection B seems to have more popularity, making it more desirable to purchase.

Sales (7D) and Its Impact

While Sales (7D) isn’t the only metric to consider when researching NFTs, it is an important one, as it gives greater context when considering which NFT to choose.

Key Takeaway

Sales (7D) is an indicator showing the number of NFT sales over a seven-day period.

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