The Smart Way To Get Into Crypto

  • Build your crypto portfolio in minutes

  • Access to quant trading strategies

  • No management, entry, or exit fees

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Simple to set up and use

Deposit bitcoin (BTC) directly from your Wallet App and we'll do the rest

How it Works

  • Democratizing quant trading

    • Access automated trading strategies with $20 USD minimum
  • Designed to perform in any market

    • Watch your portfolio switch to stablecoins when the market is expected to be moving down and back to coins when it’s signalling a move up
  • Set up based on your personal preferences

    • Choose between conservative, balanced, and growth portfolio
  • Just track as it grows

    • Strategies are optimised for minimum 3-6 months holding period
  • Cash-out at any time

    • Withdraw without penalty
  • We make money, only when you do

    • No entry, exit, or management fees, the only fee is 9% of your profits (with MCO staked) or 18% (without MCO staked)

Why Invest?

  • Cash out at any time
  • No crypto experience required
  • Buying and selling conducted automatically
  • Fees are only taken from profit, not your pocket
  • 50% discount on all fees for those who have staked MCO Tokens