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Next Generation Public Blockchain

Enabling transactions worldwide between merchants and cryptocurrency users — seamless, secure and cost efficient.

Highly Scalable and Fast

A performant payment network that handles immediate confirmation and scales with a large number of transactions


Secure and Privacy-Protected

Trusted execution environment (TEEs) safeguards confidentiality and integrity of your data
Privacy enhanced by multi-signature Merkelized Abstract Syntax Trees (MAST)

Key Network Participants

Consultation Paper

Council Node Rewards

Stake CRO, own and run a Council Node and earn up to 18% rewards per annum

Full Seat

Partial Seat

500,000 CRO

10,000 CRO


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Full Seat with self-custody on your wallet

Shared Seat with custody on Crypto Earn in the Wallet App

CRO Token

Native Token of the Chain