is Supporting the Render Token Rebrand

RNDR tokens on the ERC-20 network will be migrated to Solana network and reissued as RENDER in a 1:1 ratio

Jul 11, 2024
Rndr Token Rebranding Content Hub is supporting the Render (RNDR) token rebranding to Render (RENDER). As a result, RNDR will be delisted from the App on 22 July 2024, 01:00 UTC, and from the Exchange on 22 July 2024, 02:00 UTC.

Trading, deposits, and withdrawals of ERC-20 RNDR will be permanently removed from 22 July 2024 onwards. You may incur a retrieval fee if deposits of ERC-20 RNDR are made after 22 July. Furthermore, fund retrieval may not be possible in some cases. 

Existing RNDR tokens will be converted to RENDER tokens at a later date. This will be done in a 1:1 (RNDR to RENDER) ratio according to the RNDR balances in eligible users’ Crypto Wallet in the App and Exchange. 

A separate announcement will be made when RENDER is listed on the App and Exchange.

In addition, we will be delisting the RNDRUSD-PERP Perpetual contract from the Exchange on 16 July 2024. Kindly take the necessary steps to close your position(s) for the contract above by 16 July, 08:00 UTC.

Any open positions after the aforementioned date and time will be automatically settled* against the TWAP.

*Note: Taker fees will be charged for any automatic settlements App

  • RNDR deposits, withdrawals, and trades will be suspended in the App
  • RNDR Target Price orders and Recurring Buy will be automatically terminated Exchange

  • RNDR deposits, withdrawals, and trades will be suspended in the Exchange
  • RNDR perpetual contract will be delisted
  • Open RNDR Spot trading orders will be closed

Kindly refer to for all the latest updates. 

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