Introducing: Loaded Lions Mane City

Make your fortune in Mane City with this tycoon-style game

Nov 30, 2022

We’re proud to introduce Loaded Lions Mane City, a tycoon-style idle game powered by Cronos. In our first foray into GameFi, players can build businesses and accumulate wealth. However, this isn’t your typical tycoon game because there’s a competitive twist. 


Each player is a businessperson whose goal is to design and build the ultra-luxe mansion of their dreams. From modern art to pinball machines, rock climbing walls to jacuzzis, the possibilities are endless. In Mane City, you can be whoever you want to be and own whatever you want. The more you deck out your mansion, the further you advance in the game. Player and experience points will be increasingly important to unlock blueprints for erecting more buildings.

Each Land NFT you own will grant you a plot to build your businesses. The Land NFT’s rarity will unlock different numbers of slots to build the businesses, and affect the amount of passive income that can be generated. You can construct gyms, banks, music stores, and much more, as well as upgrade the buildings to earn more gold. 

It will be up to you to decide how to expand and multiply your buildings. The players with the highest income at the end of each competitive season will be ranked on the leaderboard. The higher your rank, the greater your rewards! You can use the rewards to gain an edge in the next season, or exchange it to CRO!

Loaded Lions and Cyber Cubs Perks

As pioneers of Mane City, all Loaded Lion and Cyber Cub holders will receive exclusive benefits during the land sale and in the game, such as special discounts, early access, boosters, non-tradable in-game assets, and more. 

The Lands

In the previous blog post, we shared that there will be five land NFTs of varying rarities and their own unique backstories. But what you don’t know is that they possess special powers and are ever-evolving: 

  • Crimson Dunes: So much has been buried under the hot sands of this desert. Historians have dedicated their lives searching for the ancient skeleton of the titanic sized lion. 
  • Alluring Aurora: An oasis hidden within the depths of a magical forest, blessed by the Aurora of the North. Locals harness energy from the reflective lights in the rivers, and it is rumoured to have special powers. 
  • Sapphire Lagoon: A private beach only accessible by a select few. It is rich in a mysterious sapphire mineral causing the waters to glow bright blue throughout the day and night. 
  • Molten Cavern: Tread carefully as this area contains active volcanoes spewing colourful volcanic lava. It is said that the lava has a mystifying hypnotic effect. 
  • Blocked Chain: Only the most advanced technology and greatest minds will be able to uncover this alternate dimension at the edge of the Cronos chain. The ever-changing crystal-like structure powers the entire grid and all that inhabit this land. 

This game may seem like an easy path to success, but it will require sharp tactics and great business acumen to keep you at the top of the leaderboard. While Loaded Lion holders may have an edge in the game, anyone can become the top tycoon of Mane City. 

More details about the land sale will be revealed soon—stay tuned! Visit the official website or sign up on to get the latest updates on all things Mane City. 

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