Expands its Reach in Web 3.0

Inspired by the ecosystem, our partners and our community

Nov 03, 2022

As a team that never stops building and innovating, is expanding its stake in Web 3.0 by tapping into its extensive network of partners while keeping the following core themes in mind: Play, Culture, Business and Social. 

  • Play: We strive to engage users by continuously creating new forms of entertainment, allowing participants to relax and recharge and even earn from playing. 
  • Culture: Explore  out-of-the-box ideas, discover new up and coming artists and encounter ample opportunities to collaborate with our partners. 
  • Business: We aim to stay innovative and current, together with our partners, to constantly improve and expand our business for the members who believe in us. 
  • Social: Participants can create their identity,  interact with one another, form meaningful relationships and maybe even connect with the builders of the ecosystem.

In this new endeavour, community feedback is important. Rules keep evolving. It’s a space open and flexible enough to expand limits, a space where the community can play a more active role to help evolve it, perhaps even with our partners. As pioneers embracing the Web3 spirit, we invite those with minds alike to join us and build together, turn your ideas into reality, and all you need is a land NFT. 

Did somebody mention Land?

For our first land sale, we will be dropping 25,000 Land NFTs divided into five tiers of varying levels of rarity. Each tier is uniquely designed and comes with a distinctive backstory. This Land NFT will be your ticket into the Web3 adventure where you can get exclusive access to future initiatives, starting with a game. 

Game Coming Soon, Powered by Cronos Labs

The first realisation in this endeavour is a step towards GameFi. Introducing Loaded Lions Mane City, a tycoon-style idle game inspired by the NFT platform flagship PFP collection, the Loaded Lions, and built in partnership with Cronos Labs. 

While the Loaded Lions may be a new species to some of you, these fabulous felines have made quite a mark in the year since launch.. This bold bunch have made their way to the top-selling collection spot on NFT and were represented by star athletes like Joel Embiid. As a community that is thriving and actively contributing to the development of the Loaded Lions, there is no better project to lead us into this new endeavour. 

Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming Land sale.

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