Rules and Gameplay for the Loaded Ligue Championship

Stand a chance to win exclusive PSG prizes and more

May 13, 2024

The Loaded Ligue Championship is a prestigious digital trading card tournament which is set to invite plenty of spectators from all over the world. In this championship, anyone with a team of five ‘Ligue of Lions’ NFTs is welcome to join. Attractive PSG prizes and NFTs await too, so start forming your teams now!

How to Participate
The Loaded Ligue Championship is only available for holders of a ‘Ligue of Lions’ NFT as of the snapshot date and time. A snapshot will be taken at the end of the entry period in each Loaded Ligue Championship round. Do refer to the Loaded Ligue Championship Rounds table for the different entry periods below.

Users have to draft a team of five ‘Ligue of Lions’ NFTs by submitting a team name and the five Lions via this form that will open when Round 1 begins. Users may only submit one team per Loaded Ligue Championship round.

How It Works 

There will be a total of five matches in the group stage before the quarter-finals. For each Loaded Ligue Championship round or match, the team’s total number of goals scored will be calculated using the formula based on the cumulative stats of the drafted team, and as set out below. The five different stats categories are Passing, Shooting, Speed, Flair, and Luck.  The Group Stage Round will feature a total of five matches.

The number of goals will be calculated according to this formula:

Screenshot 2024 05 16 At 11.46.25 Am
1 Sum of all Ligue of Lion NFTs in the submitted team

To keep everyone on their toes, as well as simulate a real football match, the Passing Booster, Shooting Booster, Speed Booster and Luck Booster is fixed at a value of 1, unless it is the highlighted booster for the Round or Match.  If it is the highlighted Booster (as set out in the table below), the value will range from 1 – 2 (up to two decimal places), as randomly determined in’s sole and absolute discretion and announced after the entry period closes.  

The highlighted Booster will be the same for all teams during the designated Group Stage Match or for each of Rounds 2 – 4.  

For each match or round, the Luck Variable will also range from 0 – 1 (up to two decimal places), as randomly determined in’s sole and absolute discretion.  For the avoidance of doubt, the Luck Variable will vary for each and every team, for each of the Group Stage Matches, as well as each of Rounds 2 – 4.  

The number of goals scored that will be announced will initially be rounded down to the nearest whole number. In the event of a draw, rankings and results will be sorted by the total number of goals scored accounting up to the third decimal place (thousandths place). 

Should the goals still be tied, we will follow this order to determine the winning team: 

  1. Highest Total Stats (Passing, Shooting, Speed, Flair, and Luck stats)
  2. Highest Total Skill Stats (Passing, Shooting, Speed)
  3. Highest Shooting Stat

In Round 1, each entrants’ Group Stage Match 5 will be used for the purposes of calculating the tiebreaker above.

Screenshot 2024 05 28 At 4.02.41 Pm

*Users have to submit their ‘Ligue of Lions’ team via the aforementioned form within the entry period of the round they will be participating in to be eligible. Each unique NFT email address may only submit one team throughout the Loaded Ligue Championship.

Entrants may submit fresh teams throughout the five matches in Round 1. However, for the purposes of determining qualification for Round 2, the total number of goals scored at the end of Round 1 will be calculated from the four matches in which your team scores the most number of goals.

Within the entry period of each Loaded Ligue Championship Round match within Round 1 and for each subsequent Round, users may “substitute” in new Lions that could boost their total goals scored, taking into account the different boosters which are implemented.  Any erroneous submissions will be disqualified. retains the sole and absolute discretion to determine the accuracy and validity of submissions.

After the group stage matches, the top eight teams with the highest aggregate amount of eligible goals scored in Round 1 will move on to the quarter-finals, where the tournament will move to a knockout structure until one winning team is triumphant.


  1. Champion: 1 ‘Dark Lions’ NFT, 1 autographed PSG jersey from the 2023/2024 season, 1 signed “PSG vs Barcelona” poster
  2. 1st Runner-Up: 1 ‘Cyber Cubs’ NFT, 1 autographed PSG jersey from the 2023/2024 season, 1 signed “PSG vs Barcelona” poster
  3. 3rd place: 1 autographed PSG jersey from the 2023/2024 season, 1 signed “PSG vs Barcelona” poster

Helpful Links

  • Join us on Twitter for the latest updates on all things Loaded Lions, Dark Lions, Cyber Cubs, and The Mane Net.
  • Join us on Discord to connect with the NFT community.
  • Guide for completing KYC verification in the App.
  • Guide for buying and selling collectibles on NFT.


  • Participation in the campaign is strictly optional.
  • In addition to the following rules, please refer to the Loaded Ligue Championship Official Rules, which apply to this Limited Offer Campaign. Participation in this Campaign is also subject to the App Terms & Conditions and Privacy Notice.
  • The campaign is open only to holders of a ‘Ligue of Lions’ NFT by the snapshot date. 
  • will disqualify any entry from participants who do not meet the eligibility requirements as solely and absolutely determined by Notwithstanding the generality of the foregoing, users who undertake any trades that are executed through bad trading practices, including but not limited to wash trades, false trading, self-dealing, or trades that display any attributes of market manipulation shall be disqualified from the campaign.
  • By participating in the campaign, the participant acknowledges having read the Global Marketing Privacy Notice, which is published at, and acknowledges that will use the information provided for the purposes of identity verification, assessing the participant’s eligibility to participate in the campaign and reward redemption.
  • reserves the right to cancel, suspend, or amend the campaign mechanics or rules at any time at our sole discretion without prior notice to you.
  • In the event of any dispute, reserves the right to make all final decisions regarding the campaign.
  • FOR CANADIAN USERS:’s Main App is offered through Foris DAX, Inc. Foris DAX, Inc. has filed an application for registration as a restricted dealer in certain Canadian jurisdictions but has not yet obtained registration. Until such time as Foris DAX, Inc. obtains registration, Foris DAX, Inc. has agreed to abide by the terms of an undertaking available at the following link.

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