How Mane City Works (Part 1)

Time to start building the city of your dreams

Mar 02, 2023

We know that everyone has been eagerly waiting for updates on Mane City, and boy do we have some that are ready to go. But before that, here are some things we thought everyone should know about Mane City. Without further ado, here’s the first part of How Mane City Works.

What is the game’s objective?

Now, the objective of the game is simple: Players need to earn as much Gold as possible while levelling up their avatar. However, that’s easier said than done. It’s how players go about doing so that separates the real moguls sitting at the top of the leaderboard from the thousands of wannabe tycoons. Something special awaits the cream of the Mane City crop, with more details coming everyone’s way soon.

Land: A City’s Foundation

As collectors may know from the First Frontier Land sale, a Land NFT is the key to entering Mane City and becoming a tycoon there. Every Land NFT that a player owns will translate into a plot of land, also known as the city that they’ll build up from scratch. The rarity of a Land NFT determines how open the city is and how many environmental obstacles (parks, lakes, etc.) there’ll be.

Businesses and Blueprints

Blueprints are crucial as they contain businesses. These businesses are the very buildings that generate Gold. One blueprint will be provided as a welcome gift when players load up Mane City for the first time. Thereafter, they’ll have to source for blueprints by using their wit and resources in the in-game marketplace and by increasing their avatar’s level.

Mane City Income 

Like any other city in the world, players need an income to survive and thrive in Mane City. Gold and Diamonds are the two resources that players need to earn. They will be generated passively by the player’s businesses and cities. What’s more, players can optimise their cumulative Gold production by placing businesses in the ideal layout for their city and upgrading them at the right time.

We hope that everyone now has a better understanding of how to navigate through Mane City! In the next part of ‘How Mane City Works’, we will share more on how players can increase their avatar’s level, and what role in-game furniture plays. Stay tuned!

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