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No gas fees are charged for listing and selling on NFT

Jul 18, 2022

Earlier this year, NFT started supporting multiple blockchains as part of our ongoing efforts to expand the selection of digital collectibles for our users to collect and trade. Today, we are pleased to announce another new milestone that brings us closer to being a one-stop NFT marketplace. Users can now seamlessly browse and purchase fixed-price listings on Ethereum from OpenSea on our platform. 

With this addition, users can look forward to no gas fees while enjoying a streamlined experience on our platform: 

  • Manage and trade collectibles using just one NFT account. There is no need to create or connect to any non-custodial wallets like MetaMask. 
  • Just like any other NFT purchase, transactions can be performed easily using USD in the user’s NFT account balance, credit/debit card, or Pay. 
  • No charges are levied when users list and sell the same collectible to their fellow NFT users. 

Only fixed-price listings of selected collections on Ethereum from OpenSea are supported. Stay updated and find out more about our cross-market listings here

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