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Additional information on the airdrop for eligible users

May 27, 2022
Luna Airdrop Ticket Updates Content Hub Content 1 is pleased to share more information about the new Terra Network LUNA2 token airdrop following yesterday’s announcement

The current (old) Terra chain has been renamed as Terra Classic, and the current (old) Terra token LUNA has been renamed as Luna Classic LUNC. The number of tokens that eligible users may receive in the airdrop will depend on the quantity of LUNC tokens held at a specific time (based on the pre-attack and post-attack snapshot timings).

You can find more information below. 

Ticker Updates will make the following ticker updates:

(old) LUNA ticker = LUNC

(new) LUNA ticker = LUNA2

Trading Resumption

LUNC will resume trading, deposits and withdrawals in the App and Exchange via Terra Classic. 

LUNA2 will be listed in the App and Exchange. Trading, deposits and withdrawals will be enabled at the same time. 

Time of trading resumption will be shared later as more information becomes available.

New LUNA (LUNA2) Airdrop

Subject to’s successful receipt of the Terra project team’s issuance of LUNA2 tokens, we will facilitate the distribution of the new Terra 2.0 token (LUNA2) to all eligible users. The eligibility criteria and distribution details will follow in a separate announcement.

Airdrop rules

The table below is the Terra project team’s token distribution plan. will share our distribution plan for our users after confirming the receipt of the airdropped tokens.

Screenshot 2022 05 27 At 10.19.08 Pm


  • For App customers, the snapshot will include outstanding LUNA (old) balances on Wallet and Earn
  • For Exchange customers, the snapshot will include LUNA (old) holdings, net of credit line extended for LUNA (old)
  • Please note the new LUNA (New) Airdrop exercise is subject to the successful execution of the Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan.
  • reserves the right to cancel or amend the airdrop rules at our sole discretion and shall not be liable should there be any changes made on the distribution plan governed by the Terra Network in relation to the airdrop.

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