Exchange Adds Sub-Accounts Support on Mobile

Diversify your trading strategies with independent balances, margin, and positions

Jul 08, 2022
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We’re pleased to announce that Sub-accounts are now supported in the Exchange App. Users no longer need to log in separately to the Exchange Web to create new Sub-accounts or access their existing ones.

This feature allows users to create multiple Sub-accounts in the Exchange App under the Master Account, allowing them to trade with independent balances, margin, and positions.

Users can experiment and diversify their trading strategies by isolating funds, positions, margin, or access. This feature is open to institutional and retail users.

To create a Sub-account in the Exchange App, simply go to Settings, select Sub-accounts, and tap Account Management

Create a Sub-account Now

For more details about this feature, user eligibility, and account management, please refer to the Help Centre.

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