Exchange Adds PAX Dollar to Zero-Fee Stablecoin Conversions

Convert between USDC, BUSD, GUSD, TUSD, and now PAX at a 1:1 ratio

Jan 11, 2022

The zero-fee stablecoin conversion feature in the Exchange now supports PAX Dollar (PAX)!

Users can convert between PAX, USDC, TUSD, BUSD, and GUSD at a 1:1 ratio with zero transaction fees. This feature is available in the Exchange Web*, enabling users to conveniently exchange and trade with the stablecoins of their choice.

Find out how to convert stablecoins in a few simple steps:

*Coming soon to the Exchange App.


  • Stablecoins PAX, TUSD, BUSD, and GUSD can only be converted among themselves. They cannot be converted with other token pairs.
  • We currently support BUSD and GUSD deposits from external wallet addresses. App transfers are coming soon.
    For more details about the feature, please refer to our Help Centre.


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