DeFi Wallet Now Supports Arbitrum, Astar and Boba

Seamlessly transfer your tokens on their native chains

Jun 14, 2022
Defi Wallet Integrations With Arbitrum Astar Aurora Boba Contenthub 1

We’re happy to announce that DeFi Wallet now supports the Arbitrum, Astar, and Boba blockchains (requires 1.34.0 or above). Users can securely store their tokens and seamlessly grow their holdings, all within the DeFi Wallet app.

This upgraded blockchain support enables users to transfer ASTR and BOBA to their DeFi Wallet by scanning the QR code of an external wallet using the DeFi Wallet app’s QR code scanner. This is located at the top right corner of the app’s home screen.

What’s more, users can easily view their transaction history by navigating to the Transaction History page or an individual token’s page. 

Instantly access and interact with Arbitrum, Astar, Aurora, and Boba DApps by looking them up in the DeFi Wallet’s DApp Browser. Exploring new happenings on the Arbitrum, Astar, Aurora, and Boba chains has never been easier. DeFi Wallet currently supports 19 different blockchains and more than 700 tokens.

The full list of blockchains consist of:, Ethererum, Avalanche-C, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, BNB Smart Chain, Cosmo, Dogecoin, Fantom, Litecoin, NEAR Protocol, Polkadot, Polygon, Stella, and Ripple.

We’re working hard to integrate even more blockchains to help users manage their digital assets easily.

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More on Arbitrum
Arbitrum is a Layer 2 protocol that uses a variation of Ethereum’s popular scaling solution, known as “optimistic rollup”. It is designed by Offchain Labs to reduce the costs and latency of decentralised applications (DApps) for both users and developers.

Through a unique combination of incentives, network protocol design, and virtual machine architecture, Arbitrum smart contracts can improve speed, privacy, and security while drastically reducing transaction fees.

More on Astar
Astar is a multi-chain smart contract platform that supports multiple blockchains and virtual machines. Built with Parity’s Substrate framework, Astar can be a future Polkadot parachain that also acts as a scalable smart contract platform.

The project’s mission is to provide a scalable, interoperable, and decentralised application platform that defines and realises Web3. ASTR, the utility token for the Astar network, allows users to earn rewards when staking. At the same time, they’re facilitating on-chain transactions and governance activities.

More on Boba
Boba is a Layer 2 Ethereum scaling and augmenting solution built by the Enya team as core contributors to the OMG Foundation. The Boba network is able to reduce gas fees, improve transaction throughput, and extend the capabilities of smart contracts.

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