NFT & Blockchain Gaming Weekly (28/09/2023) and Paris Saint Germain partner to release a series of free NFT posters. Pudgy Penguins debuts its toy collection line in Walmart stores. BAYC and BAPE unveil streetwear collaboration.

Sep 29, 2023 NFT and Gaming

Chart of the Week

Pudgy Penguins debuted its toy collection in 2,000 Walmart stores in the US. This collection brings the digital Pudgy Penguins to the physical world, allowing fans and collectors to own tangible representations of their favourite characters.

Image9 2

New Project Spotlight

NFT Collectibles

[LIVE] LOFI Pods Mystery Box NFT‘ features utility-driven NFTs designed for LOFI EQ, an app that enables live streaming fans to monetise their watch time. It was created by lofi_buzz, a team of tech experts from AWS, Samsung, and leading startups. Lofi Pods NFT

[COMING SOON] Take your explorations to the next level with’s latest collection, ‘ Expedition Gear: Tools of the Trade‘. It serves as a complementary collection to the first ‘ Expedition Gear’ drop, equipping users with the gear they need to traverse the various Lands. In this collection, 40,000 ‘Elite Tool’ NFTs will be available for purchase, and ‘ Expedition Gear’ backpack NFT holders will be airdropped at least one of five unique ‘Core Tool’ NFTs. Visit the blog for full details. Tools of the Trade

Blockchain Games

[LIVE] Loaded Lions: Mane City is introducing the Mane City Access Pass System. Land NFT holders are recognised as Access Pass providers and can invite others to join the game by sharing their unique access code. Access Pass providers will earn Diamond bonuses based on their referrals’ in-game purchases. The more players join and spend in the game, the larger the Diamond rewards and Competitive Mode prize pool become. Land NFT holders also benefit from an increased Diamond generation rate. Newcomers can join Loaded Lions: Mane City with an access code and become part of the community of tycoons. Mane City aims to provide a collective journey of growth and prosperity for all players, with more updates and announcements to come soon. Loaded Lions Mane City Access Pass

[LIVE] Ballies has released its Game Lightpaper 2.0, which provides an overview of the Ballies game, its in-game currency and tokenomics, assets, mechanics, and gameplay. The lightpaper is available to read here. Ballies NFT

NFT Metrics

The following table shows select top collections (by weekly sales volume on each platform):

PlatformLogoCollectionSales Volume (USD)Floor Price
OpenSeaImage34Bored Ape Yacht Club$10,985,143 (+81%)$39,728
OpenSeaImage24Mutant Ape Yacht Club$5,783,748 (+4%)$7,684 Land – The First Frontier$82,029 (-1%)$82
Crypto.comImage30Loaded Lions$81,261 (+91%)$850 Expedition Gear$21,939 (+75%)$6
MintedImage3VVS Miner Mole$5,007 (-16%)$112
MintedImage16 CopyArgoPetz$1,928 (+74%)$17
CollectionBored Ape Yacht Club
Sales Volume (USD)$10,985,143 (+81%)
Floor Price
CollectionMutant Ape Yacht Club
Sales Volume (USD)$5,783,748 (+4%)
Floor Price
LogoImage10 Land – The First Frontier
Sales Volume (USD)$82,029 (-1%)
Floor Price
CollectionLoaded Lions
Sales Volume (USD)$81,261 (+91%)
Floor Price
LogoImage10 Expedition Gear
Sales Volume (USD)$21,939 (+75%)
Floor Price
CollectionVVS Miner Mole
Sales Volume (USD)$5,007 (-16%)
Floor Price
LogoImage16 Copy
Sales Volume (USD)$1,928 (+74%)
Floor Price

As of 28 Sep 2023 Sources: OpenSea, Minted, Research

Blockchain Game Metrics

The following table shows selected top games by weekly volume in USD:

GameBlockchain(s)Volume (USD)UAW
Image16Loaded Lions: Mane CityCronos$80,934 (-25%)3,089 (-9%)
Image14 CopyUPvsDOWNPolygon$21,844,861 (+158%)1,077 (+6%)
Image2Gods UnchainedEthereum, Immutable X$4,569,029 (-15%)4,006 (-7%)
Image12Axie InfinityEthereum, Ronin$3,777,768 (-28%)27,234 (-29%)
Image7Treasure DAOEthereum, Arbitrum$3,061,233 (-32%)1,297 (-5%)
Image9 CopySuperWalkKlaytn$703,260 (+4%)56,026 (-1%)
GameLoaded Lions: Mane City
Volume (USD)$80,934 (-25%)
UAW3,089 (-9%)
Image14 Copy
Volume (USD)$21,844,861 (+158%)
UAW1,077 (+6%)
GameGods Unchained
Blockchain(s)Ethereum, Immutable X
Volume (USD)$4,569,029 (-15%)
UAW4,006 (-7%)
GameAxie Infinity
Blockchain(s)Ethereum, Ronin
Volume (USD)$3,777,768 (-28%)
UAW27,234 (-29%)
GameTreasure DAO
Blockchain(s)Ethereum, Arbitrum
Volume (USD)$3,061,233 (-32%)
UAW1,297 (-5%)
Image9 Copy
Volume (USD)$703,260 (+4%)
UAW56,026 (-1%)

As of 28 Sep 2023 Sources: Research, DappRadar

Gaming Token Performance

The total market cap for gaming tokens now stands at US$8.25 billion, dropped by -0.2% from last week. Gaming Top Gainers and Losers

News Highlights

  • and Paris Saint Germain (PSG) partnered to release a series of free NFT posters. The collection consists of seven NFT posters, each corresponding to a different match in the current season. In addition, participants have the chance to win various rewards throughout the campaign, including VIP tickets, signed shirts, and limited edition prints. Collecting all seven NFTs enters fans into a draw for a VIP trip to PSG’s final home game of the season.
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and BAPE, a popular streetwear brand, unveiled a streetwear collaboration that combines the unique BAYC characters with BAPE’s iconic designs.
  • OpenSea warned its users about a security breach involving a third-party vendor. The breach potentially exposed users’ application programming interface (API) keys. OpenSea has advised affected users to stop using their current API keys and replace them with new ones.

Recent Research Reports

  • Research Roundup Newsletter [August 2023]: We present to you our latest issue of Research Roundup, featuring trending market insights in August, charts of the month, and our latest research on decentralised stablecoins.
  • Alpha Navigator: Quest for Alpha [August 2023]: Asset classes dipped in August; BTC and ETH underperformed. No surprises from the central bankers’ summit at Jackson Hole. China intensifies economic stimulus.
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Recent University Articles

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