NFT & Blockchain Gaming Weekly – 📉 Broad NFT Market Downtrend Over The Past Week

Broad NFT market downtrend over the past 7 days. Azuki launches ‘AnimeChain’ on Arbitrum. Munchables, another game on Blast, is exploited.

Mar 28, 2024 NFT and Gaming

Chart of the Week

In the latest weekly report, the NFT market declined by -32.4% week over week, with the total trading volume slowing to ~US$227 million. Notably, the top blockchains in terms of NFT sales have declined significantly. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana saw their weekly trading volume dip by nearly -42%, -32%, and -22% respectively.


New Project Spotlight

NFT Collectibles

[Live] Haz Haus x rees


At the intersection of technology, art, and music, ‘The Mysterious Adventure of Hazoo’ is an immersive series that promises to take you on an extraordinary journey. In this collection, 2,222 surprise packs are waiting to be discovered, with each one boasting a unique music track. Fans can also unlock a grand musical composition by uniting more than 2,222 NFTs within a month.

[Upcoming] KMON Hunters – The Collector Edition


Find your digital companion in ‘KMON Hunters – The Collector Edition’ and explore the Kryptomon metaverse. Start your adventure by buying a package from this drop. Each package includes one starter pack, two booster packs, limited edition holographic Encased Collector Edition Cards, and more. Collector Edition Card holders can redeem a living ‘Kryptomon’ NFT and enjoy early access to future events or sales too.

[Upcoming] Cinematic Daydreams


World-renowned collage artist Caitlyn Grabenstein returns to grace NFT with a new collection. 255 surprise packs are up for grabs in ‘Cinematic Daydreams’, with each one providing a glimpse into a movie scene of Grabenstein’s dreams. Collectors stand a chance to receive bonus NFTs and autographed art prints.

Screenshot 2024 03 28 At 5.12.03 pm

The following table shows selected top games by weekly volume in USD:

Screenshot 2024 03 28 At 5.13.41 pm

Gaming Token Performance

The total market cap for gaming tokens now stands at $39.91 billion, increasing by +4.42% from last week.

Screenshot 2024 03 28 At 5.14.31 pm

News Highlights

  • Azuki launches ‘AnimeChain’ on Arbitrum. It aims to be a one-stop platform for anime and Web3 lovers, offering original and licensed anime, games, merchandise, NFTs, and more in a community-governed ecosystem.
  • Munchables, a Web3 game built on Ethereum L2 blockchain Blast, suffered a hack of over 17,400 Ether (ETH) (worth approximately $62 million at the time of writing), reportedly linked to a developer within the team. Subsequently, the Munchables team mentioned that the developer shared all the assets’ private keys to assist in recovering the funds. This was the second exploit which happened to games built on Blast in one week, following the Super Sushi Samurai hack.
  • Pixels Farm Land’ NFTs are live on the Ronin network. Pixels, a Web3 farming game, introduced a $PIXEL airdrop and enabled Farm Land NFT bridging to the Ronin network. Sky Mavis, creator of Axie Infinity, integrated ‘Pixels’ NFTs into its EVM blockchain, promising smoother land transactions and exciting in-game rewards for players transitioning to Ronin.

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