NFT & Blockchain Gaming Weekly – 💪 NFTs Sales In Bitcoin Remained Strong

NFT sales in Bitcoin network remain strong. OpenSea enables creators’ NFT royalty control with ERC-721C. Animoca Brands’s Mocaverse holds MOCA public token sale.

Apr 05, 2024 NFT and Gaming

Chart of the Week

Although the total NFTs sales volume dropped by 21% last week in the Bitcoin network, it still boasts a strong presence in the NFT market. There were four sets of NFTs on Bitcoin within the top 10 projects by weekly sales volume. In total, they garnered US$36 million in sales across seven days.

Solana followed behind with a total of $14 million in sales, and three projects were in the top 10 projects. 

Screenshot 2024 04 05 At 5.06.41 pm
As of 4 Apr 2024 Sources: , Research
Note: * It contains a diverse assortment of digital assets on the Bitcoin blockchain that have not yet been identified as part of an established collection.

New Project Spotlight

NFT Collectibles

[Live] Rooted


Paris-based digital artist Natacha Einat returns with her fifth NFT collection! Her latest drop, ‘ROOTED’, is a series of metaphors exploring the theme of trees and the four annual seasons. Just 166 surprise packs are available, with eight unique collectibles distributed among them.

[Upcoming] Rainmakers


There’s an incredible tale from decades or even centuries ago detailing how rainfall always accompanies aliens when they visit. Barbara Redekop brings this urban legend to life in her ‘Rainmakers’ collection, boasting 10 different NFTs spread out across 300 surprise packs.

Screenshot 2024 04 05 At 5.13.44 pm
As of 4 Apr 2024
Sources: Blur, OpenSea, Minted, Research

The following table shows selected top games by weekly volume in USD:

Screenshot 2024 04 05 At 5.15.12 pm
As of 4 Apr 2024
Sources: Research, DappRadar

Gaming Token Performance

The total market cap for gaming tokens now stands at $36.34 billion, decreasing by -8.9% from last week.

Screenshot 2024 04 05 At 5.17.07 pm
Notes: Infrastructure tokens include ENJ, FLOW, WAXP, UOS, MBOX, DAWN, GALA, IMX; Utility tokens include AXS, MANA, SAND, ALICE, ILV, ATLAS, POLIS, GODS, GMT, DAR, AURY, APE, PYR; Guild tokens include YGG, MC, UNIX, GGG, GF.

News Highlights

  • OpenSea adopts the ERC-721C standard, allowing creators to set and enforce royalties on their NFTs. This ensures proper compensation and control over their intellectual property. Creators on OpenSea can activate this feature through compatible smart contracts.
  • Animoca Brands’ Mocaverse public token sale (MOCA) features 8,888,888,888 tokens, with 126,984,127 earmarked for the community. The token sale grants exclusive access to ‘Mocaverse’ NFT holders, Moca ID users, and key partners only.
  • Animoca Brands Japan launches Nine Chronicles M on Coincheck NFT, introducing ’De:Centralised Cat (D:CC)’ NFTs to support Web3 projects in Japan. This facilitates the global outreach of Japanese IP in the Web3 space.
  • Poopcoin (POOP), launched by Doodles creator Jordan Castro, skyrockets post-airdrop, witnessing $60 million in transactions within ten hours. However, concerns arise over its uncertain future as two wallets hold over 36% of its supply. Additionally, POOP’s value is down almost 80% since inception, per CoinGecko.
  • Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) launches ‘SPEEDRUN’, a gaming accelerator programme which offers $30 million to 40 startups in Web3, AI, and VR gaming. The programme aims to expedite deployment within 45 days, with its Demo Day held during SF Tech Week.

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