Weekly NFT Update (Week 5, 02/02/2022 – 08/02/2022)

Sotheby’s lists 104 Cryptopunks for auction. Justin Bieber bought another Bored Ape NFT, Paris Hilton drops NFTs.

Feb 09, 2022
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Key Takeaways

  • Sotheby’s announced that they will list 104 Cryptopunks for auction at the end of the month. This NFT collection acquired in July 2021 was originally bought for $7 million, and is estimated to go for sale between $20-$30 million.
  • Big celebrities are all in when it comes to NFTs. On 2 February, Justin Bieber bought another Bored Ape NFT, paying $470k worth of ETH, while Paris Hilton dropped autobiographical NFTs on Origin Story marketplace.
  • South Korea’s largest mobile gaming company, Netmarble, announced on 2 February their plans to develop a metaverse sequel to its monopoly-style board game ‘Everybody’s Marble’.
  • LooksRare recorded a +6.5% increase in sales and a -15.43% drop in transactions. OpenSea recorded a +10% increase in sales and a -2% drop in transactions. 

Crypto.com NFT in the Spotlight

  • The legendary American football player and Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw has partnered with Crypto.com to release ‘Undefeated NFT Collection’, which features real-life memorabilia and unlockables for lucky collectors of the Crypto.com community. This collection celebrates his illustrious football career, from his dominant college days to undefeated championship legacy as a pro, and features art from renowned digital artists Impossible Brief.
  • ‘The Ronin’s Voyage’ is a unique collection of 8 surreal 3D rendered artworks that take you on a journey through places you’ve never seen or been before. Featuring the works of 3D artist jjcworks, this collection also includes three artworks that were made in collaboration with some of the finest artists on Instagram- @huleeb, @thisisasmu and @kasper.steernberg.
  • The ARCANE FRAMES collection is a series of four 3D artworks aimed at exploring the concept of ‘the world within a painting. The concept of taking the viewer deeper into an artist’s imagination has always intrigued the artist, jamie_twyman – making a 2-dimensional artwork feel like there is a world behind the frame – through layers of depth of field.


Transaction Volume Benchmark

PlatformTotal Volume USDTotal Volume WoW (%)Transaction Count #Transaction Count WoW (%)Avg. Price USDAvg. Price WoW (%)
NBA Top Shot$15,490,000+4%1,100,000+8%$14-4%
Nifty Gateway$54,946-90%104-79%$528-53%
* Week-on-Week (WoW) % change is calculated based on the differences between two subsequent 7-day periods
* Transaction count refers to the number of traders of the 7-day period
* LooksRare launched since 10 January

* OpenSea and NBA Top Shot data from DappRadar
* MakersPlace data from NonFungible.com
* Solanart data from Solanart.io
* Nifty Gateway data from data mining in Cryptoartpulse.com
* LooksRare data from Dune Analytics

Top Collectibles

Project NameSales (USD)Transaction CountNumber of Buyers
HAPE PRIME$45,528,9482,1791,561
* Collectibles data from CryptoSlam.io

The following chart shows selected top NFTs and their historical floor prices.

Upcoming NFT Sales

The following table shows top upcoming NFT sales (by market cap) and a sample of their art.

Project NameSale DatePrice (ETH)ItemsMarket Cap (ETH)Sample
TORIX17 Feb 20220.159,9991,499.85
Real Apes Club12 Feb 20220.225,7571,266.54
Lunar Colony Alpha1 Mar 20220.0810,000800
Chroma World Abstractars09 Feb 20220.079,001630.07




Bored Ape




John Legend

Justin Bieber








Olympics Beijing

Paris Hilton

Pixel Vault

Reem Al Faisal



Terry Bradshaw

The Ronin’s Voyage

Tom Brady



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