Weekly NFT Update (Week 3, 19/1/2022-25/1/2022)

Microsoft acquires gaming giant Activision Blizzard for Metaverse venture. Twitter launches NFT profile picture verification.

Jan 26, 2022
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Key Takeaways

  • On 19 January, Microsoft announced that it will acquire gaming giant Activision Blizzard in a deal valued at $69B.  With the deal, Microsoft says it will develop ‘building blocks for the metaverse’.
  • Twitter launches NFT profile picture verification on 21 January. With this adoption, users can associate their Twitter account with a connected wallet address
  • Italian luxury fashion house Prada and sportswear giant Adidas will launch new NFTs on Polygon between 28 – 31 January. The collections are​​ designed by the digital artist Zach Lieberman, and the overall sale will be donated to a charity supporting artists and creators. 
  • LooksRare recorded a +2% increase in sales and a -30% drop in transactions. OpenSea suffered a front-end attack with the exploiter withdrawing $800K on 24 January 2022. OpenSea recorded a +10% increase in sales and a -16% drop in transactions. 

Crypto.com NFT in the Spotlight

  • To celebrate the NBA’s 75th anniversary, the 76ers launched a new NFT collection76ers Legacy 07: Our Show to showcase their exclusive history. The 76ers are one of the most storied franchises in the NBA, having won three World Championships, earning nine trips to The Finals and making 49 playoff appearances over 70 seasons.
  • Elsa Majimbo, Mohamed Kheir, and Pepijn Temming are multi-award-winning designers in comedy, design, and architecture. Their latest NFT collection, The Alphabet, brings to life the foundational building blocks of our stories – letters.
  • Newk3d is a Norwegian 3D artist with a passion for digital art and creating in general. His style consists of flashy iridescent metals that catch the eye. CRYPTOSKELETONS are the skeletal crypto gods of the universe, which guard the realms of decentralization and are always providing profit for their many worshippers.


Transaction Volume Benchmark

PlatformTotal Volume USDTotal Volume WoW (%)Transaction Count #Transaction Count WoW (%)Avg. Price USDAvg. Price WoW (%)
NBA Top Shot$13,024,407-2%1,432,771+8%$9-11%
Nifty Gateway$2,645,855-19%2,882+9%$918-26%
Total Volume USD$3,991,814,920
Total Volume WoW (%)+2%
Transaction Count #10,096
Transaction Count WoW (%)-30%
Avg. Price USD$395,386
Avg. Price WoW (%)+47%
Total Volume USD$763,986,249
Total Volume WoW (%)+10%
Transaction Count #552,274
Transaction Count WoW (%)-16%
Avg. Price USD$1,383
Avg. Price WoW (%)+33%
PlatformNBA Top Shot
Total Volume USD$13,024,407
Total Volume WoW (%)-2%
Transaction Count #1,432,771
Transaction Count WoW (%)+8%
Avg. Price USD$9
Avg. Price WoW (%)-11%
PlatformNifty Gateway
Total Volume USD$2,645,855
Total Volume WoW (%)-19%
Transaction Count #2,882
Transaction Count WoW (%)+9%
Avg. Price USD$918
Avg. Price WoW (%)-26%
Total Volume USD$2,612,236
Total Volume WoW (%)-11%
Transaction Count #12,554
Transaction Count WoW (%)-13%
Avg. Price USD$208
Avg. Price WoW (%)+2%
Total Volume USD$174,814
Total Volume WoW (%)+10%
Transaction Count #97
Transaction Count WoW (%)+27%
Avg. Price USD$1,802
Avg. Price WoW (%)-13%
* Week-on-Week (WoW) % change is calculated based on the differences between two subsequent 7-day periods
* Transaction count refers to the number of traders of the 7-day period
* LooksRare launched since 10 January

* OpenSea and NBA Top Shot data from DappRadar
* MakersPlace data from NonFungible.com
* Solanart data from Solanart.io
* Nifty Gateway data from data mining in Cryptoartpulse.com
* LooksRare data from Dune Analytics

Top Collectibles

Project NameSales (USD)Transaction CountNumber of Buyer
HAPE PRIME$58,536,6353,1392,237
Project NameMeebits
Sales (USD)$1,517,261,527
Transaction Count1,425
Number of Buyer276
Project NameTerraforms
Sales (USD)$1,453,992,402
Transaction Count1,613
Number of Buyer236
Project NameLoot
Sales (USD)$376,247,965
Transaction Count141
Number of Buyer45
Project NameAzuki
Sales (USD)$82,164,539
Transaction Count6,198
Number of Buyer3,582
Project NameHAPE PRIME
Sales (USD)$58,536,635
Transaction Count3,139
Number of Buyer2,237
* Collectibles data from CryptoSlam.io

The following chart shows selected top NFTs and their historical floor prices.

Top Artists

PlatformArtistSales Volume (USD)Sample
Crypto.com NFTAston Martin Cognizant F1 Team$2,000,000+
SolanartBot Borgs$539,321
PlatformCrypto.com NFT
ArtistAston Martin Cognizant F1 Team
Sales Volume (USD)$2,000,000+
ArtistBot Borgs
Sales Volume (USD)$539,321
Sales Volume (USD)$74,377,100

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