What Is Tendermint?

Tendermint is a blockchain consensus engine that allows for the replication of applications on multiple machines. It is designed to be secure and consistent, even if some machines fail or become malicious. 

There are two main components: Tendermint Core, a blockchain consensus engine, and Application Blockchain Interface (ABCI), a generic application interface that allows developers to use Tendermint for state machine replication in any programming language. Unlike other blockchain solutions, Tendermint is able to tolerate Byzantine faults and offers a more efficient consensus algorithm compared to traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum

Its modular architecture promotes composability, allowing different components, protocols, and applications to seamlessly interact and integrate with each other, which helps encourage collaboration and innovation within the ecosystem.

Key Takeaway

Tendermint is a blockchain protocol used to replicate and launch blockchain applications across machines in a secure and consistent manner.

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