What Is 7D?

Usually presented in the form of a chart, 7D is the price movement of an asset over a 7-day time period. The 7D data is vital in giving traders the right information in order to make the best possible decision for themselves.

Why Use 7D?

Metrics like 7D allow users to see how an asset has fared over a certain time period; in this case, seven days. For example, if there is major price action — as in, the price of an asset increases or decreases tremendously on one day — users can find these spikes and lows on the 7D Chart. Traders can find information by looking at an asset’s 7D history on platforms like Crypto.com’s Price page.

Key Takeaway

7D, short for seven days, refers to price data that has been collected for a cryptocurrency over a 7-day period.

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