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Create a DCA Trading Bot between 20 July and 3 August to enter




Bot The Dip X Dca Trading Bot Contest Contenthub

Traders, don’t catch the dip, ‘bot’ the dip instead! Introducing the simple Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) Trading Bot to the Exchange. Exchange users can easily enter or exit positions gradually on a fixed schedule and average out the prices of their assets.

Stress less while spending more time in the market rather than trying to time it, especially during periods of high volatility.

Creating a DCA Trading Bot takes just a few clicks and users can set one up for BTC, ETH, CRO, and over 200 more tokens. Users simply need to select a token that they’d like to create a DCA Bot for, input the desired amount per order, how frequent trades will be executed, and how long the bot will run. Advanced settings are available as well, allowing users to set stop-loss limits and take-profit triggers. This grants them a greater level of control and better fine-tuning for each DCA Trading Bot created.

To celebrate the launch of our simple DCA Trading Bot, we’re giving away US$5,000 of CRO to 50 traders who create a DCA Trading Bot and complete at least one buy order worth US$100 during the Campaign Period. The more DCA Trading Bots a user creates, the higher their chances of winning.

Campaign Period:

20 July 2022, 08:00 UTC – 3 Aug 2022, 08:00 UTC 

How to participate: 

1. Sign up or sign in to the Exchange

2. Navigate to the Trading Bots page and click ‘Create a Bot’ for your preferred token

3. Input an order amount of at least US$100, along with the frequency and duration 

4. Launch your DCA Trading Bot and enter the running to win a share of US$5,000 in CRO

Every DCA Trading Bot created with at least one buy order worth US$100 and above during the Campaign Period qualifies for the contest. Users can create multiple DCA Trading Bots, with each qualifying one counting as an entry for the contest.

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  • The Bot the Dip Contest is offered by to Exchange users only, excluding users from the United States. 
  • In addition to the following rules, please refer to the Official Rules for Sweepstakes for further rules regarding eligibility.
  • Any trades that are executed through bad trading practices in’s absolute opinion, including but not limited to wash trades, false trading, self-dealing, or trades that display any attributes of market manipulation (‘Disqualified Trades’) will not be counted towards the transaction volume of the participant.
  • Participants of the campaign must have successfully completed KYC verification and all other onboarding procedures specified in the Exchange and comply with all campaign rules provided by to be eligible.
  • reserves the right to cancel or amend the campaign rules at our sole discretion.
  • The CRO prizes will be deposited into the winner’s CRO Wallet in the Exchange within 21 days after the Campaign End Date.
  • The CRO/USD exchange rate used to administer the campaign will be determined around the time of prize distribution at the sole discretion of
  • All winners will receive a confirmation email within 21 days after the Campaign End Date. 
  • The links provided above to helpful information are for reference only.
  • By entering into the campaign, the participant confirms having read the Privacy Notice of Exchange, which is published at and agrees that will use the information provided for the purposes of identity verification, assessing participant’s eligibility to participate in the campaign, prize draw and prize delivery.

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