and the Red Cross Red Crescent Join Forces to Support People Affected by the Crisis in Ukraine

Donate with crypto, fiat, or by buying an NFT. Proceeds will support the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement to provide assistance to people affected by the crisis in Ukraine

Mar 25, 2022

The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and neighbouring countries requires our collective support. Within a few days of the onset of the crisis, made a USD 1 million donation to the Red Cross Red Crescent, ensuring that the funds would be used to provide humanitarian relief to people affected.

Since then, events have escalated and so has the need for aid to help people suffering hardship. In partnership with the Red Cross Red Crescent, we are launching a campaign to raise awareness and funds to support their vitally important work. Our in-house team has created a TV commercial which will air multiple times during the live broadcast of the 94th Academy Awards in the United States, and we will also raise awareness on all of our social media platforms. 

Viewers will be directed to our campaign page, where they can donate in one of three ways: with crypto, fiat, or by buying an NFT from the campaign collection. will be matching all donations, in aggregate, up to USD 1 Million. 

Donate now at

How to Donate

You can donate here to aid people affected by the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, either in cryptocurrency using Pay, or by credit or debit card on the Red Cross Red Crescent’s website. The donations will be matched* by us.

Alternatively, you can buy an NFT (using a credit/debit card or crypto) exclusively from our campaign collection. Proceeds will go to the Red Cross Red Crescent and we will match* your purchase with a donation.

The campaign runs from 25 March 10:00 AM UTC to 31 March 23:59 PM UTC.

NFTs for Aid

‘The Art of Giving’ is an exclusive NFT collection featuring artwork by and 33 independent artists. NFT contacted some of the most popular artists on our NFT platform who eagerly joined the effort to create unique pieces of art that send a message of love and peace from around the globe to Ukraine. 


Find out more about the artists and the NFTs that will be part of the campaign collection here [link to nft drop article]. A total of 40 NFTs are available for donations of USD 50-100 each as open editions. The campaign NFTs are curated exclusively on the NFT Platform.

The NFTs will be available from 25 March 10:00 AM UTC to 31 March 23:59 PM UTC on the drop page

How Will the Donations be Used?

Your donation will go to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, in support of people affected by the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. The funds will be used to provide food, water, medicine, shelter, and other essential items.

Other examples of aid provided by the Red Cross Red Crescent include distributing wounded and first aid kits to hospitals, with each kit treating up to 50 people, and providing 1,000s of litres of drinking water in areas where supply has been disrupted, temporary accommodation along the borders, and bedding, clothes, and SIM cards so that people who were displaced can stay in touch with their loved ones.

Questions? Find out More.

Check our FAQs for the donation campaign to find more details on the Red Cross Red Crescent, and the donation and NFT buying process.

Useful Links

Buy a Campaign NFT 
Read about the NFT Campaign
Campaign Terms and Conditions
The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement

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