Bäumer Vendôme Launches First Of-Its-Kind NFT and Physical Jewelry Collection in the Luxury Industry

Collaboration with Ledger, Next Decade and Societhy Available on the
Crypto.com NFT Platform Offers Most Premium Web3 Consumer Experience

Jul 19, 2023
Bäumer Vendôme Launches First Of-Its-Kind NFT and Physical Jewelry Collection

Bäumer Vendôme, the high jewelry Maison created 30 years ago by Lorenz Bäumer, has unveiled an innovative NFT collaboration that combines the very best of Web3 and jewelry design in one exclusive collection. With a price range from €116 000 to €320 000 Euros, each NFT in the limited series offers a unique combination of digital and physical merchandise and experiences, as well as access to an exclusive private club.      

Available on the Crypto.com NFT platform, and in partnership with Next Decade, Ledger and Societhy, each program purchase includes:

  • NFT of a unique ring, featuring the “Rose de Damas” (Damascus rose)
  • The opportunity to redeem the NFT for a physical representation of the same unique ring
  • A first-of-its-kind immersive journey in the crafting of the “Rose de Damas” ring and the artistic genius of Lorenz Bäumer, right in the heart of Place Vendôme, through the magic of virtual reality
  • Access to a private club created by Maison Bäumer Vendôme, where the purchasers of this exclusive program can participate in tailored experiences in Paris

In reference to the Bäumer Vendôme flagship location at 19 Place Vendôme in Paris, only 19 total NFTs will be released, with eight different gemstones available: Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby, Amethyst, Tanzanite, Tourmaline, Citrine and Black Diamond.      

“After being the first one to use titanium, meteorite or olfactive material in jewelry, penetrating the NFT universe is a very exciting opportunity to provide a new and modern approach to jewelry,” said Lorenz Bäumer, creator of Bäumer Vendôme. “I am thrilled to bring Bäumer together with Ledger, Next Decade and Societhy, to the Crypto.com NFT platform, to offer our customers an extraordinary digital and physical experience. Never has an NFT program gathered so many industry leaders, demonstrating its uniqueness and attractivity.” 

Called “The Genius of Place Vendôme”,  Bäumer’s famous collections include: “The Tiara “Ecume de Diamants” chosen by Princess Charlène de Monaco for her wedding, French academician’s swords, and also more affordable collections such as the famous Battement de Coeur (Heartbeat), inspired by the electrocardiogram of his first child. In addition, Bäumer has created more than 100  jewelry collections  for iconic brands, including Chanel (Ultra, Camélia, Coco and Matelassée) and for Louis Vuitton (l’âme du voyage). He has also designed for Cartier, Piaget, Baccarat and Guerlain, including the famous G. Lipstick. Bäumer is the only independent jeweler left at Place Vendôme. 

For this one-of-a-kind NFT program, Bäumer Vendôme has chosen to offer their collection on the Crypto.com NFT Platform. Crypto.com, which announced Paris as its regional European headquarters last year, is committed to advancing its in-market profile through education, engagement and  consumer activations. Crypto.com NFT will serve as the platform for the collection.  Bäumer Vendôme has also partnered with Ledger, Next Decade, and Societhy. Ledger will provide the hardware wallets and a secure on-boarding process for new members of the Bäumer club.  Next Decade created the NFTs, and Societhy bringing the grandeur of Bäumer Vendôme to life, revolutionizing the codes of luxury with an immersive Virtual Reality experience steeped in artistry and innovation​​.

Pre-registration to this exclusive program is available today. Visit https://www.baumer-vendome.com/pages/nft-program for more details. 

About Bäumer Vendôme

Founded by Lorenz Bäumer 30 years ago, Bäumer Vendôme is the only independent jeweler in Place Vendôme. After ensuring the artistic direction of the jewelry at Chanel (Ultra, Camélia, Coco and Matelassée…) and Vuitton (l’Ame du Voyage) for more than two decades, Lorenz Bäumer now designs exceptional jewels for his clients. Through iconic collections such as Heartbeat or Pense à moi, but also through made-to-measure creations, Lorenz gives free rein to his unbridled creativity to surprise and sublimate. Bäumer Vendôme has boutiques in Paris, Doha and St Barth, and all the creations can be seen at www.baumer-vendome.com.

About Crypto.com     

Founded in 2016, Crypto.com is trusted by more than 80 million customers worldwide and is the industry leader in regulatory compliance, security and privacy. Our vision is simple: Cryptocurrency in Every Wallet™. Crypto.com is committed to accelerating the adoption of cryptocurrency through innovation and empowering the next generation of builders, creators, and entrepreneurs to develop a fairer and more equitable digital ecosystem. Learn more at https://crypto.com.

About Ledger: 

Founded in Paris in 2014, LEDGER is a global platform for digital assets and Web3. Ledger is already the world leader in Critical Digital Asset security and utility.  With more than 6M devices sold to consumers in 200 countries and 10+ languages, 100+ financial institutions and brands as customers, 20% of the world’s crypto assets are secured, plus services supporting trading, buying, spending, earning, and NFTs. LEDGER’s products include: Ledger Stax, Nano S Plus, Nano X hardware wallets, LEDGER Live companion app, and Ledger Enterprise. With its ease of use, LEDGER allows a user to begin investing in digital assets and ultimately, achieve financial freedom in a safe and stress-free environment.

About Next Decade

Founded in 2021, Next Decade is a Paris-based tech company with an unwavering commitment to transforming the customer journey for both users and luxury brands. By meticulously crafting the digital twin for every stage of the customer experience, Next Decade ushers in a new era of engagement and redefines the world of luxury.

Their digital suite offers immersive showrooms, digital twins that breathe life into products, and a visually captivating wallet interface, allowing brands to forge deeper connections with their sophisticated clientele and unleash the full potential of their brand in the digital realm. Trusted by renowned luxury brands, Next Decade has earned a reputation for excellence, innovation, and trust.

Learn more at: https://twitter.com/nextdecadeapp

About Societhy

Founded in 2022, Societhy is a pioneering tech studio standing at the intersection of immersive virtual reality, AI & spatial computing, building a revolutionary path for brands to connect and engage with their customers.

Societhy creates unique, high-end experiences beyond traditional boundaries, awakening profound emotions and fostering brand loyalty among users. By ingeniously blending cutting-edge technology and creative innovation, Societhy enables brands to amplify their story, boost engagement, and build a unique path in the digital realm. Societhy collaborates with brands across a diverse range of sectors including luxury, fashion, automotive, sports, and arts. Learn more at https://societhy.com/

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