How Do Social Dapps Work?

Social dapps leverage blockchain to create more transparent, secure, and user-centric online social interactions — here’s how they work and which platforms are popular in 2023.

Oct 30, 2023

How Do Social Dapps Work 1

Key Takeaways:

  • Social dapps, or social decentralised applications, leverage blockchain technology to create more transparent, secure, and user-centric online social interactions.
  • Blockchain technology underpins social dapps, offering decentralised platforms where users have control over their data and interactions.
  • Smart contracts play a crucial role in social dapps, automating interactions and increasing trust amongst users by eliminating intermediaries.
  • Benefits of social dapps can include enhanced transparency, security, cost reduction through the removal of intermediaries, and the ability to reward users for their engagement and content creation.
  • Challenges for social dapps include scalability issues and complexity for newcomers.


In today’s digital age, social interactions have become an integral part of our lives. The advent of blockchain technology has opened up new possibilities, giving birth to a revolutionary concept known as social decentralised applications (social dapps), which are decentralised platforms that aim to transform the way we interact with each other online. These platforms leverage the power of blockchain to create a more transparent, secure, and user-centric social experience.

Understanding the Mechanics of Social Dapps

To truly grasp the mechanics behind social dapps, it is essential to understand the underlying technology that powers them — blockchain: distributed ledger technology that allows for the transparent and secure storage of information across multiple nodes. Social dapps utilise this technology to create decentralised platforms where users have complete control over their data and interactions.

One of the key features of social dapps is the use of smart contracts — self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement written directly into code. They automatically facilitate, verify, or enforce the performance of the agreement. In the context of social dapps, smart contracts ensure that interactions between users are executed according to predefined rules, eliminating the need for intermediaries and increasing trust amongst participants.

Benefits of Using Social Dapps

The rise of social dapps brings forth numerous benefits for users. Social dapps may provide enhanced sovereignty and security; traditional social media platforms often collect and monetise user data. In contrast, social dapps have the capacity to give users control over their data, allowing them to choose what information they share and with whom. Additionally, the decentralised nature of social dapps could make them more resistant to hacking and censorship due to reduced risk of a single point of failure, ensuring the security of user interactions. However, the risk of smart contract bugs and hacks does exist. 

Another significant advantage of social dapps is the elimination of intermediaries. Traditional social media platforms rely on centralised servers, which are subject to the vulnerabilities and control of a single entity. Social dapps, on the other hand, operate on decentralised networks, removing the need for intermediaries. This has the potential to not only reduce costs but also empower users, giving them direct control over their interactions and content.

Furthermore, social dapps enable users to be rewarded for their contributions. By leveraging blockchain technology, social dapps can implement token economies, where users are incentivised for their engagement and content creation. This incentivisation model could, in principle, foster a more active and vibrant community, as users are motivated to participate and contribute to the platform.

As social dapps continue to gain popularity, several platforms have emerged as frontrunners in the space.

One such example is Steemit, a decentralised social media platform that rewards users for creating and curating content. Steemit utilises its native cryptocurrency, STEEM, to incentivise user engagement and facilitate content monetisation. Another notable social dapp is Minds, a privacy-focused social network that allows users to share content while retaining control over their data. Minds also rewards users with its native cryptocurrency, giving them a stake in the platform’s success.

Another prominent social dapp is Peepeth, a microblogging platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. Peepeth aims to provide a more ethical and user-centric alternative to traditional social media platforms. By leveraging blockchain technology, Peepeth ensures that user interactions are transparent, immutable, and resistant to censorship.

These examples highlight the diverse range of social dapps available in 2023, each offering unique features and benefits to users.

How Social Dapps Revolutionise Digital Interactions

Social dapps have the potential to revolutionise digital interactions in several ways. They promote user sovereignty by giving individuals control over their data and interactions. Unlike traditional social media platforms, which often dictate the terms of engagement, social dapps are able to empower users to define their own rules and boundaries. This shift in power dynamics could foster a more inclusive and democratic social experience.

Furthermore, social dapps introduce a new level of transparency and trust to digital interactions. By leveraging blockchain technology, social dapps ensure that all transactions and interactions are recorded on a distributed ledger, accessible to anyone. This transparency not only increases accountability but also reduces the risk of fraudulent activities, making digital interactions more secure and trustworthy.

Additionally, social dapps enable users to form communities around shared interests and values. These communities, often referred to as ‘tribes’, are built on the principles of decentralisation and user participation. Within these tribes, users can engage in meaningful discussions, share knowledge, and collaborate on projects, fostering a sense of belonging and collective growth.

Challenges and Limitations of Social Dapps

While social dapps hold immense potential, they are not without their challenges and limitations. One of the main hurdles is scalability. As more users join social dapps, the blockchain networks supporting them may face congestion and slower transaction times. This issue needs to be addressed in order for social dapps to achieve mass adoption and accommodate a growing user base.

Moreover, the user experience of social dapps can sometimes be complex and unfamiliar to newcomers. The decentralised nature of these platforms requires users to understand concepts like private keys, wallets, and gas fees. Simplifying the user experience and providing intuitive interfaces will be crucial for the widespread adoption of social dapps.

How to Get Started With Social Dapps

Getting started with social dapps is relatively straightforward. The first step is to choose a preferred social dapp. Research different platforms, explore their features, read user reviews, and ensure overall it is an informed decision. Once a social dapp is selected, create an account and become familiar with the platform’s functionalities.

It is essential to understand the basics of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, including wallets, private keys, gas fees, etc., as they will likely be integral to social dapps. Additionally, stay updated on the latest developments and trends in the social dapp space to make the most of blockchain.

The Future of Social Dapps

Looking ahead, the future of social dapps appears promising. As blockchain technology continues to mature and evolve, social dapps will likely become more scalable, user-friendly, and feature-rich. We can expect to see innovative solutions addressing the current limitations and challenges faced by social dapps, paving the way for mainstream adoption.

Furthermore, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning into social dapps holds great potential. These technologies can enhance user experiences by providing personalised content recommendations, sentiment analysis, and advanced moderation tools. By leveraging these advancements, social dapps can create a more engaging and tailored experience for users.


Social dapps have the potential to revolutionise digital interactions by providing a more transparent, secure, and user-centric social experience. These decentralised platforms leverage blockchain technology to redefine the way we interact with each other online. While social dapps face challenges and limitations, the opportunities they present are vast. By empowering users, promoting transparency, and fostering communities, social dapps have the potential to reshape the digital landscape and create a more inclusive and equitable social environment.

Explore the decentralised social network landscape further in our Research report, Decentralised Social Networks: An Overview.

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