Safeguarding Your Crypto Assets: An Overview of Custody Solutions for Institutions and Individuals

Custodians hold approximately US$220B of digital assets, representing 10% of the total crypto market capitalisation.

May 06, 2022
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The market capitalisation of the entire crypto industry has surpassed US$2 trillion as of April 2022. Naturally, the rise in digital asset valuations has led to growing demand to store them securely and efficiently. Asset managers and individuals alike are motivated by their need to ensure security, operational efficiency, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Against the macro backdrop of increasing assets under custody (AUC) resulting in higher demand for custodial solutions, we begin with the history of digital asset custody solutions, and the motivations and reasons behind them. We then cover the potential challenges to be faced in providing these services. Furthermore, we highlight the main institutional players in the fray and the key technologies defining them, before wrapping up the institutional segment with a table detailing previous funding rounds. 

Having looked at institutional solutions, we discuss the popular types of self-custody wallets available to individuals. Non-custodial wallets give individuals full access to their tokens — holding the seed phrase, public and private keys — misplacing these would result in losing the assets. The features of self-custody wallets can vary, some provide browser-like features, allowing the wallet to connect directly to DApps, others supporting non-fungible tokens (NFTs), etc. To add on, we cover the different types of wallets commonly used by crypto-natives and the common features amongst them. 

Finally, we conclude with a general outlook on how the demand for digital asset custody solutions will continue to grow and increase adoption by both institutions and individuals.

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