Research Roundup Newsletter [October 2022]

In this issue, we cover our recent Bloomberg Terminal integration, special research report for the Singapore Fintech Festival, and feature articles on NFT financialisation and utility.

Nov 04, 2022
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Welcome to the Monthly Research Roundup Newsletter!

1. Market Index

The monthly price index was positive at +7.34%, while the volume and volatility indices were negative at –16.10% and -30.47%, respectively.

2. Bloomberg Terminal Integration Research on Bloomberg Terminal, the world’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency platform, announced that its research reports have been integrated into and made available through Bloomberg Terminal. Over 325,000 Bloomberg Terminal clients around the globe spanning finance, business, and government will now be able to access’s research and analysis articles.

“The cryptocurrency market is constantly evolving, and access to current data and insights is critical to better understand the industry,” said Eric Anziani, Chief Operating Officer at “We are thrilled to partner with Bloomberg to provide Terminal clients with the latest research and analytics that our team develops.” regularly publishes research and analysis articles to provide users with insights and information across various areas of blockchain technology and Web3, such as decentralised finance (DeFi), NFTs, blockchain gaming and more.

To find reports published by, Bloomberg Terminal clients can enter ‘NH COM’ in the command line, and press the <GO> button. Alternatively, clients can go to either the Document Search (DS) tab or the Research Home (RES), type ‘’ in the search bar, and click on our provider code ‘COM /’.

3. Singapore Fintech Festival Research on Singapore Fintech Festival
  • Web3 promises a new era for the Internet of Value that is more open, more decentralised, and gives more ownership to the end user.
  • Blockchain technology is a key enabler of Web3, and could help to bring about a more viable, responsible, and inclusive future through three main areas:
    • Building more viable business models by
      • Emphasising security and compliance;
      • Innovating core technologies;
      • Encouraging growth in the ecosystem via investment and partnerships.
    • Growing in a more responsible manner by
      • Managing and, where possible, reducing the carbon footprint of the industry and providing solutions to environmental challenges;
Carbon Footprint of Single Transaction
  • Investing in community educational initiatives. 
    • Developing more inclusive financial systems by
      • Lowering entry barriers and broadening access to minority groups in a secure way.
Total DeFi Users (unique addresses) over time
  • This report will explore how companies in the blockchain industry, such as, can support and advance the focus areas of this year’s Singapore Fintech Festival: viability, responsibility, and inclusivity.

Read the full report: Unleashing the Potential of Web3: A More Viable, Responsible, and Inclusive Future

4. Alpha Navigator

This institutional-focused report dives into macro trends, market-neutral pair trades, style-factor screens, thematic baskets, and event driven ideas. Read the full Alpha Navigator report here.

  • Risk assets mostly rallied in the past 1-month. Crypto was the best performer, with BTC and ETH up 6.0% and 13.8%, respectively.
Oct 2022 Roundup Alpha Navigator 1
  • Our style-factor screens track momentum, value, growth, and risk for tokens in the Layers 1 & 2, DeFi, GameFi, and NFT categories. Below, we highlight our style-factor screen for the top tokens by market cap in the Layers 1 & 2 category. ETH and MATIC show strong 1-month price momentum.
Oct 2022 Roundup Alpha Navigator 2

5. Feature

Monthly Feature Article | NFT Financialisation and Utility: An Overview

  • As the use cases of NFTs grow, so does the potential to make money from them. However, the lack of liquidity is the main obstacle to this. NFT financialisation is key to achieving greater liquidity, enabling market participants to unlock the value of their NFTs. The current landscape comprises fractionalisation, lending, rental, aggregators and pricing.

Read the full report: NFT Financialisation and Utility: An Overview

Feature Report on NFT Financialisation

Monthly Feature Article | NFT Utility: A Multifaceted Overview and Use Cases

  • For NFTs to increase value and be deemed viable economic and financial assets, they have to go beyond collectability and aesthetics. One way to tackle this is through utility
  • In this report, we look at the four main utility classifications: Socialisation, Art, Functionality, and Asset Tokenisation. Several NFT projects within the Cronos ecosystem, like Loaded Lions and Cronos Cruisers, demonstrate utility. We also explore utility in emerging NFT use cases, such as rentable NFTs, collector DAOs, and dynamic NFTs, among others.

Read the full report: NFT Utility: A Multifaceted Overview and Use Cases

NFT Utility Use Cases in Cronos

Exclusive Monthly Report | Exploring NFT Liquidity Solutions

  • The private report gives an overview of the various types of NFT liquidity solutions and how they help to enhance the financial functions of NFTs. As an asset class, NFTs are relatively illiquid compared to fungible cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and other traditional assets like stocks and bonds.
  • NFT liquidity solutions mainly fall into three categories: automated market makers (AMMs), lending, and fractionalisation. NFT AMM protocols work by allowing sellers to contribute their NFTs and ERC20 tokens to a liquidity pool to allow for smoother automated trades. NFT lending protocols allow owners to loan out their NFTs to other users, gaining access to funds without having to sell their NFT. NFT fractionalisation can reduce the cost of entry for investors who are otherwise unable to afford the expensive blue-chip NFTs.
NFT Liquidity Solutions

Read the exclusive report: Exploring NFT Liquidity Solutions

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6. Crypto Conference & Economic Calendar from Market Pulse

Crypto Calendar 2022 - 2023
Economic Events Calendar

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