Research Roundup Newsletter [December 2023]

We present to you our latest issue of Research Roundup, featuring trending market insights in December, our 2023 Year Review & 2024 Year Ahead report, and our Crypto Market Sizing report for 2023.

Jan 31, 2024 Research Roundup Dec 2023

Welcome to the Monthly Research Roundup Newsletter!

Crypto Adoption Index Dec 2023

1. Market Index

The monthly price, volume, and volatility indices for December were positive at +15.84%, +24.04%, and +8.36%, respectively. Monthly Market Index Dec 2023

2. Crypto Market Sizing Report 2023

Crypto Market Sizing Report 2023

Global cryptocurrency owners increased by 34% in 2023, rising from 432 million in January 2023 to 580 million in December 2023.

Similar to the previous year, this notable growth continued despite several macro headwinds, including monetary tightening efforts by Western central banks to tame inflation, conflicts in Europe and the Middle East, as well as ongoing longer-term impacts of the pandemic. The growth was sustainable in the first half of 2023, highlighted by the success of the highly anticipated Ethereum (ETH) Shanghai Upgrade, with the second half of the year seeing strong growth for both Bitcoin (BTC) with Bitcoin ETF filings and anticipation in the U.S. market. This growth included BTC ownership growing by 33%, from 222 million in January to 296 million in December (accounting for 51% of global crypto owners). Additionally, ETH ownership grew by 39%, from 89 million in January to 124 million in December (accounting for 21% of global crypto owners).

The report was based on’s on-chain market sizing estimates, combining on-chain data with blended parameters to estimate the number of global crypto owners.

Cdc Ab Inbev Blockchain Gaming 2

Over the past decade, the gaming industry has seen tremendous growth and transformation. Amid the transformation, the industry faces new opportunities and challenges. Into this landscape comes blockchain gaming, which holds the potential to fundamentally change the way games are built, distributed, and monetised. This report will explore the global gaming market, the current state of blockchain gaming, the obstacles it faces, and its potential to shape the future of the industry.

4. 2023 Year Review & 2024 Year Ahead

2023 Year Review 2024 Year Ahead

In this special year-end report, we selected the top events and developments of 2023, followed by our outlook for the key trends in 2024.

Looking back at 2023, the cryptocurrency industry witnessed both impressive milestones and recovery from the tumultuous times of 2022. We applauded Ethereum’s successful Shapella upgrade and celebrated the milestone of 575 million in crypto retail adoption (November 2023). Against the challenging global macroeconomic conditions, we saw the hit from the banking crisis in the first half of the year, and the rejuvenation in activities in the second half. 

Despite the uncertainty of the cryptocurrency market and global economy, innovations and developments continued in the crypto industry. In 2023, the builders have been hard at work as usual, growing Layer-1 and Layer-2 ecosystems, introducing new use cases to Bitcoin, brainstorming creative ways to build Web3 social, and much more.

Looking ahead to 2024, we are optimistic that crypto adoption — both in retail and institutional — will continue growing at a steady pace. We are excited about Bitcoin’s upcoming fourth halving event and Ethereum’s next major upgrade, while also watching out for more development on artificial intelligence (AI) and the synergy by working together with Web3. We remain bullish on Web3 and look forward to seeing more innovations around various ecosystems. Finally, we also expect to see massive institutional adoption if the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approves the filing of BTC and ETH spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Last but not least: We are very grateful to our community for reading our publications and sharing valuable feedback, and look forward to bringing more quality research and insights in the coming year. 

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5. Alpha Navigator

This institutional-focused report dives into macro trends, market-neutral pairs, style-factor screens, and events. Read the full Alpha Navigator report here.

  • Asset classes mostly rose in December, with BTC and ETH leading. Alpha Navigator Dec 2023
  • BTC correlations with other assets were mostly positive in the past 1-month, albeit at weak levels. Alpha Navigator Dec 2023

6. Crypto Conference & Economic Calendar from Market Pulse

Crypto Conferences Calendar Crypto Events 2024

Economic Calendar Economic Events Calendar

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