NFT Marketplaces – Where to Shop?

The objective of this article is to provide an overview of the current landscape of NFT marketplaces and insights for people interested in getting involved in the NFT markets.

Nov 30, 2021

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) have gotten a lot of traction. According to CryptoSlam!, the all-time sales volume has already passed USD 10 billion at the time of writing, while its sales volume was only around $97 million in 2020. Additionally, interest in buying NFTs continues to rise globally, according to Google Trend data. Stakeholders across different industries including art, music, gaming, entertainment, and sports are participating in global NFT markets; numerous platforms with various NFT products are available for consumers.

This white paper gives an overview of NFT trading platforms in different categories based on their size and target audience. We will discuss how customers can choose their preferred NFT exchange platforms based on services and transaction costs.

Read the full version of the NFT Marketplaces – Where to Shop? here.


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