Market Recovers with More Trading Activities [March 2022 Chartbook]

In this report we assess movements in crypto, DeFi, L1 & L2 chains, NFTs, exchanges, derivatives, and institutions during March 2022.

Apr 05, 2022
March Chartbook Template

Hi crypto watchers, and welcome to our new report – the Monthly Chartbook. In this report, we highlight some of the most impressive and noteworthy market movements in the crypto space monthly, with each chart explaining major trends better than a thousand words could.

The crypto market recovered in the second half of March. We saw many positive signals in the areas of DeFi, Layer-1 & Layer-2, Exchange, and Institutional activities. We also found some interesting trends and patterns during the past month, including the following: Waves blockchain saw over 170% growth in its TVL; more BTC and ETH left exchanges following price recovery; and the number of ETH whales rose significantly. Read our charts to find more.

Read the full report: March 2022 Monthly Chartbook: Market Recovers with More Trading Activities

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