Forensics of Attacks and Exploits in DeFi

To date, over $2.5B funds were lost to DeFi attacks. Read on to look into some famous attacks on both exchanges and individual blockchains

Feb 18, 2022
Forensics of Attacks and Exploits in DeFi

Security has been a major concern for cryptocurrency since its inception and security issues have kept rising with growing adoption. 

In this report, we cover historical, infamous security exploits in the DeFi space, including reentrancy, phishing, and flash loan attacks, rug pulls, common code flaws, poor access control and compromised private keys. 

By exploring the adversarial strategies of each attack type, we dispel the mist of recent security exploits and vulnerabilities targeted at multiple DeFi protocols, shed light on the postmortem of each attack type, and present the potential mitigation strategies.

Read the full report: Forensics of Attacks and Exploits in DeFi

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