ETH 2.0 Survey 2020

Quantitative responses from 14,626 respondents on ETH 2.0

Aug 10, 2021
ETH 2.0 Survey 2020

We collected 14,626 responses during the course of the survey. The main takeaways from the survey are listed below.

Quick Take Away:

  • Majority of the respondents owned ETH (62%).
  • Majority of the respondents had heard of ETH 2.0 (72%).
  • Among those who have heard of ETH 2.0, two special questions were designed to test their ETH knowledge. The ratio for correct answers were 56% and 41% respectively.
  • Overall speaking, the respondents were more in favor of proof-of-stake than proof-of-work (48% vs 10%).
  • The price prediction for ETH 2.0 was quite pessimistic. The average predicted price was $248, which was only 8% higher than the ETH price at the time of survey release (~$230).
  • 61% respondents indicated that they would convert their ETH to ETH 2.0, of which 35% said that they would convert 100% of their holdings.
  • Respondents were not sure why they didn’t want to convert ETH to ETH 2.0 (31%). It might because of their lack of full understanding on the issue, so they preferred to play safe.
  • For those who might convert their ETH to ETH 2.0, stated that they do so for financial incentives – to earn staking income (44%) and potential price appreciation (44%).
  • A majority of the respondents (41%) used ETH to HODL. 23% of the respondents used it to facilitate the use of other ERC-20 tokens, and 21% used it for trading. While DeFi saw a rising popularity in the recent months, only 18% of respondents mentioned that as one of the uses of their ETH holdings.

Read the full PDF version of the ETH 2.0 Survey here.

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