Digimentality 2022 – Fear and Favouring of Digital Currency

In this report, we explore the extent to which digital payments are trusted by consumers and what barriers may exist to basic monetary functions becoming predominantly electronic or digital.
Jun 02, 2022
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Executive Summary

  • The move towards a cashless society—ranging from credit cards and payment apps to cryptocurrencies and CBDCs—is at a crossroads, and varies greatly between countries. In the short term, this move is also influenced by fluctuations in market sentiment, such as those witnessed in April and May 2022.
  • Desire for CBDCs is accelerating among consumers and many expect their government or central bank to launch one within the next three years. At the same time, executives increasingly believe CBDCs are likely to replace physical fiat currency in their countries.
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  • Government regulations (or a lack of regulatory frameworks) are seen as the main barrier towards a cashless society by consumers, institutional investors, and corporate treasurers. There are clear signs this is changing, with frameworks, approaches, laws and pilot projects being introduced in several countries globally.
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  • Institutional investors and corporate treasurers increasingly agree there is a need for open source digital currencies, CBDCs or corporate-issued digital currencies as a diversifier in a portfolio or treasury account. 
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  • Consumer demand for all digital currencies is expected to increase, according to institutional investors and corporate treasurers. This may be intensified by the move to the metaverse, and in particular the rise of NFTs.
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Read the full report: Digimentality 2022 – Fear and Favouring of Digital Currency



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