Carbon Neutrality in Crypto: The Crypto Industry and its Sustainable Efforts

In addition to reducing energy consumption, the industry is incentivising carbon neutrality. Crypto research firms designed a crypto-specific ESG methodology to rate blockchain projects.

Apr 29, 2022
March Feature Article The Crypto Industry And Its Sustainable Efforts

As the popularity of crypto soars, the debate surrounding the environmental impact of the energy-intensive proof of work (PoW) consensus mechanism has become increasingly prominent. To curb carbon emissions, several crypto projects have been developed to provide sustainable solutions to the crypto space.

In this report, we will introduce several sustainable crypto projects and players in the industry, including Toucan Protocol, KlimaDAO, Moss.Earth, and Single.Earth. We will also discuss the ESG aspects of crypto, such as the crypto-specific ESG framework. Lastly, we will discuss the future outlook for a more sustainable crypto sector.

Read the full report: Carbon Neutrality in Crypto: The Crypto Industry and Its Sustainable Efforts



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